Agendas Over Personalities.

I really wish we’d stop investing so much into personalities and
focus on agendas; everyone in every organization, struggle, and movement
should be in their position based on their qualifications, track
record, and an ongoing history of meeting the requirements of the
position; it don’t mater if you the Chairman, or the man who stacks the

Can you do the job?  Will you do the job consistently?
Are you able to take instruction and criticism on how the job is to be
done?  Don’t give a fuck about your titles; all should be subjected to overview and criticism.

Once we determine what roles need to be filled in our struggle, the
people who fill those roles should be interchangeable, and their
retention in their roles should be based on their performance,
competency, and what’s in the best interest of the People/Struggle,
nothing else!  I don’t give a damn how good they can talk the talk, I
don’t give a damn about their bloodlines, or if God has called them to
the work, then let God tell the rest of us too; if he don’t then get
your ass on.

We also need to move away from this “Leadership for
Life bullshit;” we got people who came into power before the internet
was invented, people who came into power before some of our parents were
born, people who came into power before global warming was fully
understood and articulated!  How the fuck you gon lead a modern African
nation or organization forward?  

We ain’t heard of elder
councils, advisers, or think tanks that the experienced elders can go to
while allowing those with a fresh outlook and approach to take over?  
Fuck!  Why the old heads can’t step the fuck back?   It’s cuz they ain’t
built shit to step back to, or to move forward with, so they need to
stay in the same space.