I was called a “pussy” today (online).

It has been a really long time since this has happened, like over a decade.

I thought we were embracing the Black Feminist & Africanan Womanist
call for men to stop using female anatomy, feminity, or womanhood as an
insult or to demean other men.  

think it’s pretty obvious why Black men should not use women’s anatomy,
gender, & feminity as an insult to other men, right? We’ve come
that far as a community, right?

Anyway. I’m gonna share my
response to the individual who called me a “pussy” in a effort to combat
the Sexist & Misogynist behavior of men using female anatomy &
femininity as an insult:  

“I like pussy, and don’t have any issue with being associated with pussy, pussy has no negative connotations to me, at all.” ‪#‎TeamPussy‬ ?

Sorry for all the cussin, but accuracy trumps modesty.