Comrade Diallo how did you become so knowledgeable on various topics and what motivated you to pursue this knowledge? Did you become this knowledgeable because of university or under your own efforts and motivations? I am also glad you correctly identify that the birth of the white middle class that is dwindling daily by the way, is because of socialist reforms and policies by the government. Yet white people think it’s capitalism that gave them a comfortable existence.

Thank you.

When I was a kid, shit was kinda fucked up for me and my peers, and I quickly observed that people navigated the Hood in two basic ways; there was those who dealt with is as it was, and those who dealt with shit as they wanted to be. I found that those who dealt with shit as it was had a better time navigating the world, even when they chose the so called “wrong path.”  Those who dealt with shit as they wanted them to be, or as they were supposed to be tended to be even more fucked up than they had to be.  

For instance, we who had mothers that struggled with addiction, and we accepted the situation for what it was were better off than the youth who treated their drug addicted mothers like…mothers, or as mothers are supposed to be treated, or they treated their mothers like they wanted their mothers to be, which is like the nurturing mothers we all imagine that mothers should be.  

My homies that didn’t come to terms with their mother’s addictions and respond accordingly had a much harder time then we who did.  The same goes for all of the challenges and obstacles we faced as kids.

So, that is what inspired me to understand and deal with things as they are, to look beyond the surface of shit, to not take shit as face value, or to go along with the popular illusions and delusion of society.  I know it’s weird, but it’s the truth.  I encourage the youth I deal with who are in the same situation I was in as a you to take that same fundamental approach.  

The problem was this approach made formal schooling really hard for me, I was failed, I was put in special ed, I was kicked outta schools, and it took me forever to secure my degrees; but I learned shit.  I learned shit in the streets and in school, from scholars and those with no or little formal schooling. 

Oh, and yeah, the America Middle Class are a bunch of fucking dummies due to their lack of critical class analysis.