Diallo’s Conspiracy Corner: The Elba Effect.

Here we go again, the White Propagandist are at it yet again.

We have Idris Elba an articulate, talent, poised, and globally recognizable Africa Artist; and the White Media Apparatus can’t stand it.

He’s manged to stay above the drug traps, the “say something hella ig-nant and offensive about your own Race” trap, the marry a White woman and then pretend that there’s no Black woman good enough for a man of your stature trap, the Minstrel, Buffoon, Degrade yourself for White amusement traps; and all the other traps erected for Black men at his level of exposure and talent…..until now, perhaps.

Elba is so damn talented that he was able to bring style, grace, and originality to the tired and over played role of the Black Gangsta/Drug Dealer from da hood role. Elba was even able to pull off the role of a character out of Norse mythology, the dude is cold. He even did comedy with style, check his short stint on the The Office.

Another element of Elba’s appeal is his almost universal support and adoration from Black Woman around the world; we know Sistas ain’t that easy to please. I mean I can’t go anywhere without Sisters expressing their love and support for Elba and his efforts, I’d say they are his most loyal and supportive demographic.

So, what is the White Media Apparatus gonna do with such a talent, such a powerful screen and media presence; put him in a romantic love story next to a beautiful Black woman, or cast him as a hero who swoops in to save the beautiful Black damsel, or cast him as a man who’s down and out until he finds the love and encouragement of a Black woman? Yeah right!

They cast the Brother in a movie where he terrorizes and attacks a Black woman and a Black little girl, for what looks like the whole damn movie! SMH. These Krackas are slick and they never sleep, or slip.

They take a rising Star, and turn him into a menacing asteroid ready to crash to earth and kill us all. It would be funny if it was not so damn true.

Elba is a working actor, so I don’t hold nothing against him, but I can’t help but see this current role as a spit in the face, a slap in the face of his Black female fan base.

Imma say No Good Deed is a Psychological warfare attack against our Sisters, it will be traumatizing for the Black women who see it on a level most will not understand. I’d encourage our community to totally ignore this movie, never see it; for the good of the community and Elba’s career.

But what the hell do I know, I’m just a paranoid reverse-racist right?

Maybe that’s it, maybe it’s all in my head, but tell me why after playing a hero in the movie Rosewood, they put Ving Rhames in a dress before the community in Holiday Heart? Why after playing Malcolm X in Spike Lee’s Malcolm X (movie) did they have Denzel Washington prancing around in tight leather knickers with a buncha White dudes in Much Ado About Nothing (2012 film)?

Maybe I’m crazy tho, yall just leave me to my little Conspiracy Corner then; sorry to waste your time with such theories.

PS: Peep the dude’s DETAILS magazine cover & tell me they not tryna flip or manipulate his public image away from what it is to something more sinister…or again, I could be just my anti-White bias; and the image is just about the photog’s artistic view of Elba. **Shoulder Shrug**