Brother Diallo, do you think Jews are white or not? If they are white, why do non-jews hate the Jews?

White Jews are White, Black Jews are Black, Asian Jews are Asian.

Judaism is not a Race or Ethnicity, it’s just another Western(ized) Religion, or as Dr. Clarke called them; “Male Chauvinist Murder Cult.”

Most non-Jews don’t hate the Jews, they hate Zionism, they hate genocide, they hate settler colonialism, they oppose the many crimes of the State of Israel.  They could care less about the Religious convictions of the people committing these crimes.  Many people who oppose these crimes are White Jews themselves; like Noam Chomsky or Norman Finkelstein

Anti-Zionism is not the same as Antisemitism, in fact Zionism is an Antisemitic Movement.

As far as Antisemitism in a European context, it’s a little more complex, you have to first understand something about European history. 

(Note: From here forward, when I type “Jew” I’m referring specifically to White or European Jews.)

Europeans are the most Tribal people on the planet.  Now, that my come as a shock because Western education and media teaches that tribes, tribalism, tribal hatred, and tribal warfare are things people of color, the primitive and uncivilized Races engage in; but that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

Europeans have long standing and very deep Tribal conflicts, we just don’t interpret their behavior that way because they dictate to the world how they are viewed.

So, European Jews (which are divided between the Western(ized) and Eastern Jews) are one tribe; they are not even the most hated Europeans, the Roma, and Slavic tribes hold that crown.  Hitler even stated in his writings that the Roma and the Slavs were the worst of the worst, and he killed more than three times as many Slavs than he did Jews during WWII and the German Holocaust.  The Roma people were rounded up along with the Jews and gassed. 

You don’t get this history because no one in Europe gives a fuck about the Roma, and the Slavs are not even considered White by many Europeans, they lump them in the with Mongols and other Asians.

So, when you start to understand European Tribalism and Tribal conflicts, you can better understand why “non-Jews hate the Jews.”

Europeans have been slaughtering each other since they first created Tribal Divisions between each other and even before that, the Jewish population is very good at marketing and building on their “suffering,” even though their suffering is not the greatest suffering in human history. 

All that Moses and Egyptian enslavement shit is mythology, all of the bible is folklore, mythology, and historical distortions; and the Whites who’ve adopted Judaism are experts at pimping those stories for their collective benefit. 

The Jews are really no more hated than any other group, and Jews have expressed hatred for all other Tribes also, just look up the term; Goyim. 

Jews historically have served as very convenient scapegoats for the European Aristocracy when the masses of the Serfs were pissed off at the Kings and the Princes squandering the wealth of the Kingdom; the Kinds would just blame the Jews.  The same thing goes on today.  But Catholic Aristocrats also blamed the Protestants for the woes of the kingdom, Protestant blamed the Catholics for the woes of the kingdoms; all of them blamed women for the woes of the kingdom and burned women at the stake by the thousands.  So the hatred in European and the scapegoating there is widespread, and not exclusive to Jews.  Just reserach the various Catholic and Protestant Inquisitions.

For centuries the Jews were forbidden to own land in many European states, so they would engage in non-Agricultural trades, like lending, academics, and the arts; look up the history, it’s well documented.  The very European Elites that drove Jews into banking, media, and academics, then blamed them for conspiring to control those industries.  Again, don’t take my world for it, look it up.

“The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” is a forgery commissioned by the Eastern Europe Tzars.  “The International Jew,” was written by the Racist, Nazi Loving, Henry Ford. So much of the shit that keeps people in hysterics about Jews is BS.  Again, look it up. 

Europeans are a very superstitious and paranoid people.  They love a good boogie man.  There was a time when the Huns were taking over the world.  There was a time when the Free Masons ran the world from behind the scenes, there was even an Anti-Masonic Political Party in the US.  Then there were the Anarchist who were supposed to be orchestrating terrorist attacks against the government, and remember the Communist were fomenting rebellions from behind the scenes across the world?  Now they tell us the Jews are behind all of that, and they staged the Civil Rights Movement, and all other Leftist movements across the globe.  SMH. 

Before that they said the same thing about the Catholics, they said the Jesuits were ruling the world from behind the scenes, controlling the media, and all that shit.  They even said the Pope was secretly running the US through the Kennedy Administrations because Kennedy was a Catholic, now they say the Popes have all been Jews.

When you start down this rabbit hole shit gets really absurd, I’m barley touching the surface.  Please, maintain an academic, systematic, and scientific approach to
study and analysis, you folks will have you believing all kinds of

The reality is; the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination are multifaceted and complex, they are run by several competing factions of White Elites, many of whom are Jewish, but they are also Protestant, Catholic, Satanist, and Secular. 

The world is not run by a Lex Luthor villain, or a Legion of Doom gathering of super villains; sorry, shit is never that simple.

So, Jewish hate is not really that more prominent or expansive than other hatreds, like the hatred of the French, the Roma, the Slavs, the Catholics, Anglicans; etc.  All of these people hate each other, but they cooperate when they need to to sustain Global White Domination.

Just look at all of the slurs Europeans have for other Europeans.  We get caught up on the N-Word, but there are literally thousands of inter-European slurs for every White grouping, from Italians, to British, to Russians; they hate each other, but not enough to refuse to cooperate against the non-White world.

So, the short answer to your question:  hatred of Jews is not really stronger than any other internal White hatreds, Jews are just really good manipulating the media and promoting their “plight.”

Also, European internal hatreds and conflicts should only concern the African community to the extent that we can exploit them to our advantage, otherwise we should steer clear of “White Folks Business,” while we tend to our own.

(I dread having to post this response because all of the folks who believe in the “Jews Run the World” myth are gonna come out of the wood work.)