How to destroy the western hemisphere economically ?

Well, there’s two basic ways.

1. Become a Capitalist.  A real Capitalist, not one of those dumb ass people who believe they are Capitalist because they’ve swallowed the rhetoric about Capitalism being about entrepreneurship, fair competition, and receiving just compensation for your hard work and good ideas; that’s ain’t Capitalism, and never has been.  You can become a real Capitalist, a Human Parasite who converts all the world into commodities, and kills off all ecosystems you encounter, and enslave all the rest of humanity as you rob them of their labor and resources.  Capitalist have managed to destroy the economies of the Western Hemisphere every 10 to 20 years for the last 200+ years.  The only problem is the masses of people keep rebuilding the economies and allowing the Capitalist to take over again.  So, become a Capitalist and you will do more to destroy not only the economies of the West, you will destroy all economies, you will destroy the lives of millions, you will even destroy the ecosystems of the world.

2. Divest from the Capitalist Systems and fight the Capitalist to the death.  We should all be opposing Capitalism and the Capitalist like our lived depended on it, because our lives and the lives of our children do actually depend on us destroying the Systems and Institutions of Industrial Capitalism, Investment Capitalism, Global Capitalism, and Corporate Capitalism.  You need to divest your labor, spending, consumption, and loyalty from Capitalism, and then erect alternate anti-capitalism means of meeting your needs and the needs of others.  You need to erect communal and socialist social relations.  Capitalism will starve if not for the very people it feeds off of.  Then you have to link with and bring as many people as possible into your Struggle, until the oppressed Billions become the awaken Billions. (There’s also methods of destruction and sabotage that we shouldn’t get into here.)

If we wait for the Capitalist for finally destroy the economics of the Western Hemispheres there will not be a livable world for humanity, so we have to beat them to it, we have to expedite the inevitable destruction of the economies of the Western Hemisphere so that other living beings and living systems will be around after the Western economies are extinct.