Since you recommend us to study the white race (enemy/oppressor) with obsession, there is one question though that come up to my mind. Do you think that if the white masses realise that their lifestyle is at the expense of exploitation of africa and other third world regions would the seek to destroy/dismantle the Institution of Global White Domination or will the white masses defend it till to the end ?

Well, most Whites who don’t spend their time sipping Big Gulps while watching NASCAR already know that the wealth of the West is rooted in the resources of the Global South (aka The 3rd World), and that the West does not have the ability to pay market rates for those resources, so they have to steal them or take them by force.

Now, Wal-Mart shopping, WWE watching White folks are arguably the most ill-informed and indoctrinated people on the face of the earth.  They are not only stupid, they are arrogant in their stupidity; so it’s almost impossible to get them to understand this no matter how much evidence you present to them.  In fact, the more data and evidence you show them that disproves their views and understandings, the stronger they believe and hold to their disproven views and understandings.  There a good book titled The Republican Brain that lays this shit out; but don’t fall for the okie-doke, White Liberals have the same tendencies when their views and understandings are challenged.

So, there’s not much chance of us waking up the White masses to most of the cricial issues of that time, but hell, we can’t even wake up the African and other non-Whites either; even though the Non-Whites benefit the least from this shit.

The White masses will defend this System, but not to the end.  Most masses from all Races tend to have a tipping point, there’s a point where the Radical becomes the Practical, and the masses will go along with the changes.

Take Slavery for instance, the White masses supported, or were indifferent to Slavery in the US, you have extremist on both sides, but most Whites could give a fuck.  When it came time to fight it out, the masses showed up, got their unifoms and marching orders and followed directions, even though they really didn’t have a stake in the conflict.  When the abolitionist won, the White masses went with them just like the went with the Enslavers when they were in power.

Remember when the Russian were hated by all Americans?  Then in the late 80s early 90s during Glasnost, the USSR stopped being the Evil Empire and stopped being hated and feared by all Americans.  Nothing really even changed, the Russians still had all of the nukes aimed at the US and the US still had off of its nukes aimed back.  All of the states that were under the USSR were still under the Russian sphere of influence, just like the liberated nations in Africa were still beholden to their colonizers after decolonization.  But the facts don’t matter to the masses, they are moved by emotion and consequences, they tend to act in mass and go along with the loudest and most persistent voices in the media and in power. 

Hell Reagan had the White masses loving the Afghans in the 80s, and Bush has them hating them in the 2000s, and no one bothered to ask; WTF?!?

But the White masses are not really the problem, they are predicable, in this context, it’s the White Elites, they are the ones who set up this Omnicidal System, they will kill all life to sustain their profits and domination, and the White masses will take up arms and do what the White Elites tell them for the most part.

The Systems and Institutions of White Domination have shown no signs of pulling back or changing course even as the world’s ecosystems collapse, in fact they are working to ratchet up their Omnicidal pursuit of profits and domination.

There are small pockets of Whites who understand this and they are organizing and fighting. Most of them don’t seek to end White Domination, they just want to bring about an ecological, sustainable version of White Domination to the world.  There are even smaller populations of Whites who reject global domination and want to bring all this shit down.  They are the smallest population, but their ranks are growing. 

We, can wait on any of these populations however, we have to give our all to dismantle the Systems and Institutions of White Domination and Investment/Industrial Capitalism.  If the White Radicals manage to take power among their own and stop their White Elites, good for them, but I don’t see any potential for that now or in the near future. 

But keep watching them, the more we know the more effective our opposition will be.