On Those Who Defend the Degeneracy of the Rich & Famous…

It’s fucking crazy how these New Negros are willing to acknowledge Racism and how this System conspires to “keep a Brotha down, hold a Brotha back, or drag a Brotha’s name through the mud in the media,” when it comes to New Negro Elites like Obama or Michael Jackson or R(rapist) Kelly or Floyd Mayweather.

But let a Poor Black person try to say, “there’s a conspiracy against me and the Black community,” and all of a sudden American becomes an inclusive land of opportunity again in the minds and hearts of these New Negros; and the poor Black man or woman is just lazy and making excuses.

You’d think MJ was fucking Idi Amin, Fred Hampton, and Jean-Jacques Dessalines all rolled into one listening to how these New Negros be crying about how the “media and the system tried to frame and bring him down! For what, the fucking Beatels catalog?, come on! They knew that shit would fall into the hands of White folks when he passed because MJ’s kids are fucking White!! So all they had to do was wait out MJ! Plus, Sony was already set to swindle MJ anyway, oh, and yall overlooking how MJ put two White men in total charge of his estate in his will, right? LoL! MJ could give two fucks about Black folks!

I swear there must be a "Talented Pedophile Support Network” these New Negros belong to. SMH. OH, and it’s sister organization “Women Abusing Athlete Fund.” That’s were these New Negros meet to come up with justification for supporting treasonous…but talented…New Negro Elites.

(I swear, this is my last post on Mr. Peter Pan, I don’t care what the Glitter Glove Army comes with, I’m done, they win. Please just moonwalk yall asses up outta my space, Damn!)