What is up with Ray Hagins?

I couldn’t really tell you.  I never really rocked with the dude, but I though it was good to have a dude who sounded like a PorkChop Precha, but peppered his shit with some real historic and political insight on the lecture scene.  I thought he could appeal to those who were not ready to digest some of the more militant, radical, or rational teachers and speakers out here.

I think he has totally discredited himself at this point, by trying to rationalize the murder of #MikeBrown, that’s the final straw. 

He might as well take all that talk about Black Liberation outta his sermons and gon ahead and join them other corrupt Pastors and Reverends like Jessie and Al, and march for Integration.  That way he don’t have to get paid under the table by the oppressors anymore.  SMH.

PS: Thank you for exposing who you truly are and where you truly stand, to the entire community Ray.  #NNSEP