What is your honest assessment of feminism/womanism/the feminist movement from a Pan African perspective?

Man, It’s been awhile since I poked the Hornet’s Nest of Feminist Ideology, but here we go.

Wait, let me say this because many Feminist take excerpts of my statements and pass them around in order to demonize me, or should I say Manonize me. So I have to add:

Women are an oppressed gender, they suffer oppression above and beyond what any man can imagine, even Black men.  The source of Women’s oppression is multifaceted.  It emanates from Religious Dogma, Political Policy, Social and Cultural norms, women’s oppression is rooted in the very self identity of many mew who feel that women are property, or little more than vessels for our pleasure and baby production. 

Also, women are fully justified in organizing against their oppression, their unique gender based oppression.  Even within oppressed or discriminated groups like the poor, Blacks, Muslims (in Christians dominated nations), Christians (in Muslim Dominated nations), disabled, etc; even with in these groups women are justified in advocating for their humanity and rights because often men, while fighting for their rights or the rights of their group will seek to subjugate women and even subject them to the very dehumanizing treatment that the men claim to be opposing in the larger society.  For example, many men who opposes Racism practice Sexism, many persecuted religious groups persecute and dehumanize the women within their own religious group, many nations that oppose colonization will seek to “colonize” and control women and their bodies within the borders of their nation.  So any group, nation, movement that is struggling for justice would need to have a formation within that group that organizes for the specific interests of the women within that group. 

Also, it is the full prerogative of women to dictate how they will respond to women’s oppression; but…there’s always a but….critique and assessment is open to all who study and observe how women organize to oppose their oppression; with is what I do.  I don’t deny that women suffer a very deep and unique oppression, but I do observe and study the movements that are formed to opposed women’s oppression; just like I study Communism although I’m not a communist, I study religious persecution although I’m an atheist, etc.

OK, now that that’s understood:

Feminism is tool of White Domination.  It is an Integrationist Movement, and thus not a justice or liberation movement; it only seeks to allow (White) women to join the Systems and Institutions of White Domination as equal partners with (White) males.  It is a movement that seek to make sure (White) women get their fair share of the looted resources of the world, and to give (White) women equal say in how the Western Empires hold on to power across the globe.  That is the core mission of Feminism, and there has been no deviation from that.

White women have always been an ally of White males in their efforts to subjugate humanity, and hold onto Global Power.  She has been a devalued, exploited, abused, and demonized ally, but an ally none the less.  Her alliance has manifested in many ways; from offering up false allegations against Black men so that their husbands, brothers, sons, and fathers could justify their lynching, to taking that reigns of power directly like in the case of Margaret Thacher, Golda Meir, or Hillary Clinton. 

As much oppression as White males have heaped upon White women, they have never organized or united with non-Whites to remove White men from power, because the White man is the White woman’s best chance at holding power, and that’s what she wants; and history bears this out.  White women in the US have the largest voting block in the nation, and they keep voting for the same imperialist policies as White men do, they just want reproductive freedom, equal pay, and other liberal polices tired to White Imperialist agendas, that’s all. 

Now, I know I’m generalizing, but this formation kinda requires that I do, and I know that this does not fit all White women, or even Feminist. 

But lets deal with that fragmenting of Feminist.  Look at all the manifestations of Feminism:

-Trans Feminism
-Black Feminism
-Secular Feminism
-Corporate Feminism
-Liberal Feminism
-Radical Feminism
-Male Feminism
-Marxist Feminism
-Anti-Feminist Feminism

The list goes on and on.  I bet there have been about 10 new forms of Feminism created as I typed this post. 

The reason we have so many denominations of Feminism is because as varying women from different Races, Classes, religions, etc; join the movement, the find out like I did; that shit ain’t down for justice and liberation, just a tool for (White) women to join (White) men in ruling the world.  So instead of breaking away from the Feminist movement, they try to create their own version of Feminism that truly seeks justice and liberation, the problem is however, by using the “Feminist” title, the feed and legitimize mainstream Feminism, and the benifits they gain for women still go to the (White) women at the top.  Clinton is riding to the White House on the backs of Black, poor, and exploited women across the world, she is pimping their Feminism to inflate herself and her version of Feminism, which is the real and only true Feminism. 

When ever I point out the documented history of Feminism, the Women’s Suffrage Movement, and Women’s Lib organizations; Black Feminist always respond; “that’s not real Feminism,” or “that’s not my Feminism.”  I say if it’s truly different, then give it a different name, a different identity all together. 

Also, leading Feminist have deep and ongoing ties to Western Intelligence agencies, they have worked to subvert justice movements across the globe, they also readily sacrifice women across the globe to advance the interest of (White) women in the First World; like when they fight to allow women to serve in combat missions in the US military; what kinda fuck justice or advancement of women is that?!?!  War is one of the key sources of women’s death and rape in the Third World, how is having a women shot the guns, or pilot the drones helping women of colors under imperialist attack?

I’ve gone into more details about Feminism on my Tumblr blog, just search the archives.

As far a Womanism, I think is a good steps towards bringing real justice and liberation of Black women, and all Black people.  It appears to actually be doing what the Feminist pretend to do.

I think ever Black or Pan-Africanist organization should have a Womanist committee , or formation within their organization to both determine how the organizations can target women’s unique oppression, and to make sure Sexism isn’t present within our organizations.