Why do you promote the idea that only whites are mass aggressors on other civilizations when for literally 2300 years Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa were overtaken back and forth by massive asian civilizations commiting slaving and genocide? It seems to me that any civilization once it becomes concentrated enough to brainwash itself with its own form of racialism or nationalism ends up this way and it’s only that western white civilization is the most recent example.

Oh hush, tryna disguise your White Deflection as a simple question.

Don’t no fucking body “promote” shit about White people, we fucking live under White aggression, under the threat of nuclear annihilation, under the constant threat of war if we are not currently being invaded, bombed, occupied, or subverted by White people, White intelligence agencies, White armies, White mercenaries, by our own people who are trained, funded, and controlled by Whites. 

So cut the bullshit!

You don’t find people outside of Asia who speak majority Asian languages, worssip Asian Gods, wearing Asian clothing, same goes for Africans and Native Americas; but you find people speaking European languages all over the world, worshiping sick, sexist, White Gods; cuz of yall’s hyper, unquenchable aggression.

Yall even mass murder your own, or isolate White individuals who demonstrate any level of humanity! 

So fuck you and your fake as objective point of view, you are noting more than a Racist tryna duck blame for the Omnicidal Systems you and your culture have imposed on the world. Carry your Liberal ass on outta my blog! I’m sick of this bullshit!

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