What are your thoughts and opinions on racist jokes, images and media in general, from a pan African perspective? A lot of people, mostly so called white people, but so called other races make this argument as well, and insist that being against such things is so called political correctness run a muck, and this infringes on so called freedom of expression. Thoughts?

I think Black people should combat Racist Jokes, Images, and Media; we should confront and destroy all attempts to demean our heritage, our form, our identity, and our culture; tirelessly and uncompromisingly.

But, I think we should do so devoid of emotion; or at the very least, not emotions spawned by unmet expectations.

What I mean is, some emotions like hurt, sorrow, disappointment, sadness, and anguish are often the result of having your expectations unmet, they come from expecting one thing and getting something different, they come from being let down.

Now, how in the hell, in 2016, can Racist do anything to surprise, disappoint, or emotionally hurt us as African people?  

I get people sending me all kinds of Racist shit, sending me images of swastikas is really popular.  I am never hurt by that shit, I fully expect a savage to behave as a savage; so I don’t get bent out of shape when that shit comes my way, but I don’t let it slide either.  

We know that instances of psychological and cultural assaults are coming, and will keep coming and we are getting better at responding.  I just wish we were also getting better at holding the line.  We’ll clap back but they we are too quick to forgive or forget, also we fail to scorch the earth; especially when our own people embrace those who insult our Race.

We forgave Eminem after the Racist Rap Hour, we let Steve Harvey Slide after he supported Paula Deen, and now we ready to Buck Dance for the Clinton Family after they dun locked up millions of our people with their Racist Polices and Propaganda.  We are way too forgiving, and our memories are way too short on this issue. 

When someone calls your defense of Blackness from Racist assaults “political correctness,” they are a fucking Racist, hands down.  Just like dudes who call you a “simp” for defending women, they are sexist, or people who say “Blue Lives Matter” are Fascist.  If you have Whites are Black people around you who complain about political correctness when it comes to denouncing or challenging Racist, Sexist, anti-LGBTQ, Classist, or abelist images, words, or ideas; then fuck them.  Not only are they pieces of shit, they are trying to limit your intellectual development.

I deal with people who have view contrary to mine, that’s cool, but if I call you on some shit, and the best defense you have for your shit is to say I’m being PC; then you a stupid MFah, and I don’t need to be fucking with stupid MFahs in my free time, or otherwise.  If you say “hey, I take offense to that shit you just said,” they should respond, “well, here’s my reasoning for holding such views;” then yall can go from there. 

You don’t want to create a social bubble where everyone around you agrees with you on everything, but you need to move with people who can articulate their positions, and are willing to intelligently face legitimate challenges to them when need be.  

Political Correctness has not run a muck, Racism is running a muck, Sexism is running a muck, White Domination and Aggression is running a muck, and these White Aggressors see their right to dehumanize and insult others as fundamental to their self-identity; they truly feel victimized when they can’t treat others like shit, or talk down to others.  They are Psychopathic, and there’s no reason to put up with their shit.  

Like it would fucking kill them to call people by their correct names, to speak in such a manor that shows respect, sensitivity, and acceptance of others.  Like it would kill them to act like decent human beings instead of Cave-dwelling Savages.  Don’t like White men’s cries about PC-ness trip you up. #WhiteTears