Phuck Pharrell!

This is cute right? Just wait until Pharrell pops up with a blonde haired, blue eyed, colorless skinned White female with Nina Simone across her chest, then tell me how funny, creative, or “just entertainment” this is.

New Negros and their offspring the New Blacks seek our erasure. We oppressed, conscious, Revolutionary, Pan-African Blacks are an inconvenience to them. We muddy their cocktail and pool party world. We cause tension for them when they are having dinner with their White paymasters. We expose them for the Corporate Minstrels that they are and make it hard for them to pretend that they are simply creative beings, who are just sharing their light with a race-neutral and all inclusive world.

Go ahead New Negros and New Blacks, ignore color, forget the atrocities of the past as you all pretend like the atrocities don’t continue today, pretend that Blacks are the problem and that The White Elite are no longer conspire to rule the world and oppress/exterminate all others. Oh, and pretend that your money and all the shit you buy (and the noting that you control and manufacture) will grant you an exemption from the fate that will befall us all if we fail to rise up and dismantle the Systems of White Domination.