Thank you Kamau Bakari. ‪#‎NNSEP‬.

The New Negros are coming out of the woodwork and proudly displaying their psychopathology. I for one considered that a plus for those of us who organize for Liberation, we don’t have to hunt for traitors in our mist like other nations, our traitors are proud of their treason and will announce publicly.

If you are of those who don’t like the New Negros Self Exposing, then you should blame the Obama supporters, they have watched Obama betray the Black community’s universal support for 6+ years, and neglect every single issue on the Black Agenda or of direct concern to the Black community, and they still giving him a pass.

So all these other New Negros, those that are less charismatic, less effective at manipulating the Black masses, those who don’t have a billion dollar Propaganda Machine behind them like Obama feel like they should get a pass on shitting on the Black community and our oppression too.

So if you ain’t like me, and don’t see it as a positive that New Negros are Self Exposing, and you want to send them back to hiding, you better start with holding Obama to account then working your way down from there, or just leave these clown ass New Negros to their Cooning as we work to address our own challenges and build Black Power.