What are your thoughts on Deray Mckesson?

He’s Bayard Rustin reincarnated.

That means that we’ve progressed enough that a Gay Black man can openly lead a movement, instead of employing a figurehead like Rustin had to do with King.

It also means that we’ve regressed and stagnated so much that we are still following men who are advocating the same reforms and tactics that failed us over the last 50+ years.

So I’m gonna call him a net loss for the community; cuz it’s superficial progress (tokenism) over deep seeded regression and stagnation.

Hopefully Deray will further educate himself, Revolutionize and Internationalize his analysis and tactics, and start telling our people the whole damn truth instead of taking Protest Photo-Ops, and doing Performance Art Activism.  But Obama captured hoped, tortured it, and locked it away in a Guantanamo Bay Torture Chamber.  So don’t wait around on hope; cultivate and support more effective Leaders.