On the Obama Era…and what is to come.

Obama’s election had some predictable outcomes; for one, it was
obvious that the US would assert that this nation had finally overcome
it’s Racist history and that equal (or even greater) opportunities are
available to Black people in the US.  Another predictable outcome is
that the many Racist in this nation would be up in arms, that they would
have the greatest mobilization tool since the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation to attract more Whites to their ranks.

After he was elected, these predictions came true, people asserted that we were in a Post-racial America, at the exact same time Neo-nazi skinhead groups, the Klu Klux Klan, and all other White Nationalist groups saw their memberships grow exponentially.  

Blacks and Whites all knew that the White majority would be up in arms
about Obama’s election, that’s why he received Secret Service protection
long before he was even won the Democratic Primary, he got protection
sooner than any other presidential candidate in US history, because they
knew his election would provoke White Aggression towards not just him
but the Black minority population in the US.

enthusiastically voted for Obama, knowing that it would mobilized and
invigorate the Racist and White Nationalist organizations; but we didn’t
care because we thought that having a Black president, a Black man in a
position of such power would balance out the increased White Aggression
we’d face as a result of electing a Black president.

No one
expected Obama to bring about a Black Revolution, be we expected to at
the very least have a strong advocate in the seat of power, we did
expect a reversal of the neglect the Government has shown its Black
citizens and residents of this nation, we expected him to at the very
least uphold Civil Rights Reforms implemented by past Republican and
Democratic Administrations,  We expected him to at the very least give
voice to the most popular Black causes, and moral support to us over
all.  We expect a slowing, if not a reversal of the Genocidal
Imperialist Agenda in African and the African Diaspora, under Obama.  We
felt that was worth provoking the rage of the White masses.  

we come to the end of his Administration we can say with all
confidence; the Black community has suffered all of the liabilities of
electing a Black president, and have received no direct benifits from
electing a Black president.

I’m being literal when I say we
elected him, for both terms.  Obama never received the majority of the
White vote.  If only White votes counted Obama would have never been
president, only the strong and unshakable support of over 98% of the
Black voting community got him into the Rock House (aka White House).  

A small number of White Elites financed Obama, but Black votes put him
there; but he only reciprocated and paid his political debts to his
financiers, not his Black constituent.

I’m not saying shit would
have been better under a Clinton, or McCain, or Romney Administration;
but under those administration there would have been no illusion about
help or support coming from the federal government, there would not have
been hundreds of Black people surrendering to the illusion of full
Integration, and the (already weak) Black Liberation Struggle would have
not taken a 8 year recess to celebrate the first Black POTUS.  Africa,
Cuba, and other nations would not have been so trusting of US agendas in
their nations.  We as a people would not have had an 8 year political
hangover if not for Obama.

This is nothing new, we’ve been
falling for the BFHP (Black Faces in High Places) Scams for decades, but
having a Black (Treasonous) Face in the Highest Place was something we
couldn’t have planned for; and something that could take us decades to
recover from.  

Whites have rediscovered their Openly Racist
Roots, their Murderous Traditions that they buried since the Civil
Rights Era; this is evidenced by the Racist Atrocities flooding the
media, the open Racism expressed by the Republican Presidential
Candidates, and the constant exposure of Racism on social media by
Whites from all walks of life (it ain’t just the trailer trash, it’s
never been just the trailer trash TBH).

Whites are having a Racist Renaissance while Blacks are still praying to Jesus and Hoping for change from Obama.  

I 2007, I was talking to one of the campaign organizers for Obama 2008,
and he asked me; what would an Obama presidency mean for Black America,
I responded; “it would be a catastrophe,” not because I disliked Obama,
but because I understood America and it’s politics.  

worse, I don’t think we are accepting the painful and bloody lessons
that Obama’s presidency has taught us about our Oppressors, and politics
in general, I fear we would make all the same mistake all over again if
the White Elites gave us a charismatic Black leader, with a beautiful
family, and empty promises.  In fact I think they are doing just with
with Corey Booker, and we are really to do this dance all over again; I think he may even be in line for Vice President.  

If yall do this dance for another 4 to 8 years Black folks, you can’t say you were not warned, hell we’ve been warned since Booker T. Washington soul us out, but we still gong for the BFHP Scam.