Brother you said something very interesting in one of your shows. Something like, “it’s gotta be biological. That white people’s racism or hatred has been sustained for so long.” Do you think that the racism is a white biological issue? Some would accuse you of essentialism and being racist yourself. Do you think it even matter if it’s cultural or genetic? Hotep.

I think White Aggression has a both biological and deep seeded cultural component; but not Racism.

Racism is just one of many manifestations of White Aggression.  The first victims of White people’s relentless drive to invade, colonize, enslave, dominate, enslave, and exterminate were other White people.

Whites didn’t learn how to colonize, enslave, and exterminate people when they arrived on the shores of Africa, Asia, or the Americas; the were experts at that shit when they got there because they had been practicing on each other for centuries.  

So, Racism, Classism, Sexism, Ablelism, all that shit is birth from White Hyper Aggression.  

Yeah, I know all cultures and Races produce assholes, but White Aggression seems to permeate the entire culture, it’s not just about bad apples or random madmen, it’s the very root or Asili of Western Culture.  Western Culture is inherently Omnicidal, it has a “Death Urge.”

This Hyper Aggression ain’t just limited to other people, it’s also imposed on other species, on entire ecosystems.

So, the Western, White folks have committed acts of colonization, genocide, and ecocide on every since populated landmass on earth, and now they are attempting to spread this behavior to other planets and solar systems.   

So, yes, I think there is a genetic component simply because it appears to be a trait pass on consistently, through numerous generations of White folks.  

Many White historians, anthropologist, political scientist, psychologist, and sociologist all hint at this as well, but of course you can’t really critique the folks with the nukes too harshly if you want to maintain your “legitimacy” within their Systems and Institutions.  

I’m not an essentialist, I’m a radical; I look at the root of shit.
I can’t be Racist because Black people cannot be Racist.
Finally, culture, environment, and experience influence genetics, what traits manifest, perpetuate, and those traits that are rendered dormant.  So, Racism is cultural and Hyper Aggression is (to some extent) biological.