Regarding Iceman Inheritance are white people in general racist by nature or are they just being manipulated by their rich (bad) kinfolk with power ?

No, I don’t think they are Racist by nature, when Whites first encountered the African they didn’t feel superior, or the desire to separate from Africans, quite the opposite, they wanted full integration; they models their earliest and greatest civilizations after African Empires, or they tried their best too, but couldn’t quite pull it off.

Whites are Hyper Aggressive “by nature,” (I wouldn’t quite put it this way, but, since we are dealing with the “nature” of White folks, let’s run with it). 

Everything Whites are doing to non-Whites across the globe, they did to each other.  Slavery, mass rape, colonization, mass murder (fratricide), starvation, etc; there isn’t one thing Whites imposed on the non-White world that they didn’t practice and perfect on each other.

I know there are many Afrocentrics who like to think Black hold a special place in the White man’s heart, that his aggression and hatred is reserved specifically for us, but history demonstrates that they are indiscriminate killers. 

Long before the Lynching Era of Post-Reconstruction America, they would pick a random White woman, often one who was beyond her sexual prime, and lynch her; when they lynched innocent Black men they accused them or raping a White woman, when they lynch an innocent White woman they accused her of Witchcraft.

Long before they colonized Africa, the British colonized Ireland.

From Viking raids, to the Conquistador’s pillage; they been at this for a long time, and when there are no POC to kill, they would not hesitate to kill Whites from different nations, religions, ethnic groups, tribes; or even their own brothers and sisters. Just look at the history.

Remember both of this planet’s World Wars were nothing more than Death Orgies of White-on-White Violence (the Japanese tried to join in the second one, but they’ve learned their lesson).

If the Genocidal White Aggressors were successful in their efforts to exterminate POCs, rest assured they’d be back at each others throats before our corpses got cold.

Racism is just another rationale for White Hyper Aggression, it’s not the source of it; that’s why I don’t advocate that we work to end Racism, but that we work to erect barriers to White Aggression.