I honestly don’t believe that before the arrival of white people in Africa and anywhere that dark skinned indigenous were present that things were all hunky dory and I don’t believe that after white supremacy has either collapsed is crushed or both that things are going to be hunky dory with black people at the helm.

Well Anon, you can move from believing to knowing and understanding with a little research.

You will not find any serious person, including myself, who asserts that the World in general or Africa in particular was a Utopia prior to Arab/European invasions, colonizations, genocides, wars, ecocides, and other countless and ongoing atrocities.  A cursory review of history also reveals, however that Africa, Asia, the America’s and many other Island nations possessed health, wealth, and civilization that supassed the White invaders, even in the logs of the most racist and genocidal invaders starting with Columbus give testement to the humanity and civilization of the “primitive,” and “godless” natives. 

But even if that was not the case, what does it matter?

If you hear me and my wife arguing in our home, if you find that our children are being disobedient towards us, and we are not managing our home as best we should or could; does that give you a right to invade my home?  To rape and murder my wife, to rape my sons and daughters, to bound, mutilate, and enslave me and all of my descendants?  To steal everything of value from my home, then burn my home to the ground?  You would tell me: “your family had issues before I came along and did what I did, and even if I stopped abusing your family today, who’s to say things would be perfect then?"  What kinda psycho rationalizes like that?

Let’s just go with what we can verify.

-What ever the problems in Africa, Africans didn’t seek to leave Africa, we loved our continent and preferred to stay there and work our shit out prior to Arab/European invasions.

-Arabs/Europeans had fucked their shit up so bad, raped their own ecosystems, hunted their wild life to extinction, and just created such shitty ass Religions/Cultures/Social Relations that it lead to perpetual conflict and death.  The Whites didn’t leave their lands to spread Civilization, they were running from the fucking mess they created; but instead of leaving the mess behind, the brought that infection to the world.

-Whites have committed genocide on every populated landmass on this planet, including Europe, they have contaminated or committed ecocide against every ecosystem on this planet; there’s no other Race/Culture that can make this claim. 

-Today the very life sustaining capacity of the planet is being threatened by Western Culture and Economic Practices, which have been imposed on all other nations by force; no one volunteered to adopt Capitalism or Western Culture, it was forced at the point of a sword, gun, or nuclear warhead.

-Even if White Domination, and their Industrial Civilization was dismantled across the globe, it would take thousands of generations for humanity and the ecosystems to recover.  But if we fail to dismantle the Systems and Institutions of White Domination and Industrialization were are doomed to extinction, it is all but certain that all complex ecosystems and lifeforms will perish if we don’t end White Domination.

Please take your time and verify what I’ve written here.  You can even find prominent White scientist, historians, archeologist, and sociologist who will verify my positions.

So no, we Natives/Aboriginals/Primitive/Dark Peoples were/are far from perfect, but that’s not really relevant, and it dosen’t begin to justify or excuse the Omnicidal Atrocities of the West.

Final point: We who seek to dismantle the Systems and Institutions of White Domination are not fighting to replace that sick insane system with another form of Global Domination, the drive to dominate the globe is a Psychopathic Urge that infects the West and a few other wannabe cultures; but that is not the aim of Pan-Africanism.  We seek liberation of the People and the Lands, we seek justice and balance, we seek to return to living within the earth’s ecology instead of the Western Economy. 

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