What are your thoughts on the Nuwabians and Malachi Z York? Some people hate him and some people defend him.

Based on what I know, Dr. York is a ego maniacal sexual predator; which seems to be a very common trait among charismatic cult leaders form all Race.  Of course I don’t base this conclusion on the US government’s case against him, but based on accounts from members of his cult.  

People do love him, even to this day, but it’s not hard to construct a Cult-of-Personality among oppressed people; because oppression is not just physical it’s psychological, and the oppressed are drawn to any source that can relieve their physical and/or psychological pain.  

Telling Black people that they are Gods, or in possession of some otherworldly greatness will gain you a following, no matter how much other craziness you tack onto your Ego Inflating Ideology.

Eventually, the Global African community is going to have to address cultism just like we are going to have to confront the power Western/Enslaving/Colonizing Religions have over our people.  Cultism is a hindrance to our Liberation, not a path to it, not even the damn AfroCentric, Khemtic, or Black Nationalist Cults.