Do continental africans have more resources than diaspora africans in oder to dismantle Global White Domination ?

Yes, they do, but even though Africans of the Diaspora have less (economic, cultural, natural) resources to dismantle Global White Domination, we too have more than what we would need to also dismantle the Systems and Institutions of White Domination.

But unfortunately, it’s no a matter of resources, if all it took was resources to be free we would have never been enslaved, colonized, or oppressed in the first place, because Africa has always had more wealth than those who invaded our lands.  That’s the reason the invaded us; to get at that wealth.

What’s more important that resources in dismantling GWD is the Will do do so. Will is what were are lacking, the collective will to organize, wage, and sustain war against our enemies and oppressors.  

For a people to have a collective Will for anything, that goal must infuse their culture, all aspects of their being; and we’ve yet to make the defeat and punishment of our enemies a core purpose for ourselves and our descendants; but our enemies have make the conquest, exploitation, domination, and oppression of our people central to their identity and their collective purpose and Will.

When a people have the Collective Will to be free, no force on earth will be able to deny them their freedom.  Look how malnourished peasant have defeated the combined might of the West in Vietnam, look how illiterate herds men have fought the West to a standstill in the Middle East.  There are examples of people who’ve had little to no resources kicking the shit out of their enemies, who are able to sustain their struggles in the face of catastrophic losses, all because they have the Collective Will to be free, because they have fully internalized the slogan: Freedom or Death.  

Xenophilia (acceptance of the stranger) is all but universal in African cultures, so we are having a time even identifying our enemies, let along engaging in a protracted, multigenerational struggle against them.  We prefer peace over unrelenting struggle, and our oppressors prefer the reverse.  

So, Africans have engage in both internal and external Revolution, we need Cultural Revolution as much as we need political, economic, and military Revolutions.  

The few of us who do have the Will, we can’t wait on the rest, nor can we abandon them, we have to consolidate our small numbers and resources, as we work to educate and Revolutionize the masses of our people.  This is an important component of the larger Pan-African Liberation Struggle.