We Still Not Ready.

“Black Man change your demeanor, It’s gonna be some shit when they unleash FEMA.” – Lord Jamar

We are coming up on the 10 year anniversary of the government constructed catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina.  Ten years!

What have we learned in the last decade?  What programs, policies, and
protocols have we put into play?  How are we better organized and

Do we still imagine that in the case of a major
ecological, environmental, or industrial catastrophe, that our local,
regional, or national governing bodies will give proper or adequate
assistance to Black people?

Do we still imagine that White
communities will not, again arm themselves and prevent the mass movement
or escape of Black people into or through their communities, that they
will not send us back into the disaster zone to suffer and die?

Do we think that the government will not send heavenly armed mercenaries
into our community to “impose order” by killing us at will and
committing other war crimes and atrocities like they did 10 years ago?

Do we think that corporations will not implement Disaster Capitalism and profit from the displacement, death, and misery of Black people yet again?

Do we think that there will be no more disasters, so we don’t need to prepare?

We need to use the 10 year anniversary of Katrina to organize
“Community Preparedness Cooperatives,” we need to show that we are
capable of preparing for and enduring disasters with limited assistance
and inputs from entities and populations who have been historically
hostile to Black people!  

We need to stop being do damn
comfortable in this nation.  What’s it gonna take Black people?  "We’ve
endured a Holocaust, but apparently we haven’t paid enough of a cost,“
to wake up and conduct ourselves like adults, like human beings, like
responsible people.  

If we took a fraction of the money we spend
on sports, cosmetics, sneakers, vacations, and other luxury and
non-essential shit we could finance our own Urban Militias, secure
supplies and warehouses, train our young men in disaster preparedness
and community defense. We could have every community member trained in
first aid, CPR, and give regular free lessons on health and wellness.  
We could set up water purification sites throughout the community.  We
could erect an independent cooperative economy , use local currency, and
have full employment of all Black people in this nation.  We could do
all of this without sacrificing the comforts and Standard of living
we’ve become accustomed to in this nation, we just need a slight
adjustment in our thinking, spending, and sociopolitical relationships,
very slight.

If we all just pick one holiday to divest from, and
put that into the Community Preparedness Fund, that would be more than
enough considering how much we spend celebrating every damn holiday on
the calendar.  I call this the "Holiday Divestment Fund.”

could keep Christmas and give up 4th of July, you could keep the
government holidays and give up your Super Bowl spending to the fund and
just watch that shit at a bar while drinking water.  Our safety and
sovereignty is worth at least that.

If we put a fraction of the
energy we put into protest and demonstrations into Nation Building and
State-Craft we wouldn’t have shit left to protest withing a generation!

If seeing how the government treated us During Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy didn’t wake us the fuck up, I really don’t know what will.

Forward…., wait, why do I use this term.  I should end my post with “Stagnation,” or “Regression.”

You know, what bothers me most about “Black problems and issues,” it’s
that there are real and achievable solutions, but we lack the motivation
to carry them out.  Our oppressors have made oppression so much more
comfortable than resistance that we chose genocide over survival and
think we made a rational choice. ‪#‎TechnologyOfControl‬