BodayCams: Mass Survaillance is Oppression

Integrationist Activist and New Negro Organizations had Black folks in the streets demanding bodycams and dashcams for all US police officers.

Now, them Negros was calling for this because they assumed that that footage would be recorded and then surrendered to a sympathic excutive branch of the government, which oversees the judicial branch of the federal government. LOL!

They really thought Obama would take that footage and flood the Hood with FBI Agents who would make both the administration and rank and file policemen respect the civil and human rights of the Black citizens. SMH.

Now, we have an executive branch headed by an open Racist and Fascist, who’s appointing open Racist and Fascist to all cabinet, investigative, and judicial positions in the US government. LOL!

So, now we have even more surveillance of the Black community, and that recorded material is going to be surrendered and reviewed by an openly pro-police, anti-Black, and “Law & Order without any Justice” government. LOL! I’m seriously laughing as I type this bullshit, I’m laughing to keep from crying.

Obama didn’t even do shit with the footage.

These fucking Negros forget that a big issue since the era of Chattel Slaveryhas been official surveillance of Black communities. Our ancestors have fought aggressively against State surveillance; and not, you damn fools who’ve benefited from the sacrifices of our ancestors fought, marched, prayed, lobbied, and voted for mass surveillance of our people!!!

You idiots tried to trade your Constitutional Right to privacy in exchange for a level of security, and now you ain’t got either. SMH.

Damn idiots out here crying about a “Muslim Registry” coming under Trump and don’t even realize that BodyCams combined with facial and voice recognition technology is going to create an official registry of every single citizen who comes into any contact with any officer in this nation. It don’t matter if you have committed a crime or you just got a flat on the side of the road; if you interact with any cop you will be recorded, identified, registered, and filed away!

I keep telling you, these Reformist and Integrationist have had their time, it’s our time now, time to embrace Revolutionary Pan-Africanism, or these New Negros and their stupid ass reforms will keep serving us up to our oppressors.

If your organization was on that BodyCam bullshit, leave it, don’t join it. At the very least hold them accountable for their initiatives and policies.