Black Problems Require Radical Understanding & Radical Solutions

For every 100 White women of reproductive age, there are 99 White men available.

For every 100 Black women of reproductive age there are between 80-75 Black men available.

The primary reason for these disparities are mass incarceration and
premature death; both of which are the result of US economic and social

Our inability to
come together, to form intimate bonds, to create and sustain secure
families and communities has nothing to do with Black women having bad
attitudes, or the effeminization of Black males, or even Negros marrying
and fathering children outside the Race.  I know those are easy things
to target, but they miss the root of the issue.

The root
of the issue is that the US Government and it’s various bureaucracies
have waged war against its Black citizens/subjects/immigrants
from the day this nation was formed.  They are disrupting us through
the unjust allocation of resources, and the criminalization of our
responses to the misallocation of resources.  

The reason they
misallocate resources is because the security and wealth of the US has
always been tied to the exploitation of the Black population, and the
only way to sustain that exploitation is by creating and magnifying
dysfunction in our communities, our organizations, and our personal

Our problems are made worse when we listen to inept,
unqualified, ill-informed, and stupid Black Leaders who misdirect our
rage and our resources.  

They have us blaming poor Black women
for our problems, or Black LGBTQAI who are as powerless in this system
as the rest of us, or they tear down the Black masses as if there’s
something inherently wrong with us, they promote the myth that “we are
our own worst enemy.”  

They then set up the standard that it’s
wrong to blame Whites for our problems, or that it’s wrong to be a
victim, or that there’s some shame in being a victim.  These stupid ass
Black leaders talk shit about “the victim mentality,” without ever
explaining to our people just what a victim is, and truly determining if
the label applies to us or not, they just reject the label outright.  
They shame the victims and hold the victimizers blameless.

I know it’s not a popular to tell the Conscious community that angry
Black women, gays, street thugs, teenaged/single mothers, Blacks who
line up for Jordans and iPhones, deadbeat dads, poor Blacks, and other
targeted groups within our Race are not the core of our problems,
because we have so much fun scapegoating these groups and kicking the
shit out of them.  

Note: The “Personal Responsibility” line
will not work either because there are no individual solutions to
collective assaults targeting an entire Race for generation.  Collective
problems require collective solutions.

If we want to do more
than identify segments of the Black population that we can feel superior
to, if we want Liberation, we’ll need to go beyond superficial analysis
and look at the root of the issues, and attack the problems at the
core.  That’s what Radicalism truly means.