Who would you say is the preeminent black or African scholar, teacher or educator today?

Shit, that’s a good question.

If I had to pick just one I’d have to say:

Professor Bayyinah Bello!

Scholars and teachers have different areas of expertise and analysis, so it’s hard for me to pick the top; but Prof Bello is the best answer if I absolutely had to pick my top.  

I wanna give a shout out to some other teachers, scholars, and educators out here making positive contributions to the just aspirations of African/Black people, and the rest of humanity.

Now, I’m not going by the standards of Western Formal Education, and I’m not saying that I agree with every thing every person on this list has to say about everything; but they are all scholars, teachers, and educators that have greatly educated me, and I think others should read, listen to, and engage them.  Also, they are in no particular order; since Pro. Bello is the only one I’ve “rated.” 

  1. Keidi Obi Awadu (aka The Conscious Rasta) 
  2. Mwalimu Baruti 
  3. Michelle Alexander
  4. Chinweizu Ibekwe
  5. Dr. Marimba Ani
  6. Dr. Matulu Shakur
  7. Dr. Claud Anderson
  8. Timothy Taylor (Wise Intelligent)
  9. Glen Ford
  10. Lisa Davis

I’m been keeping my lists to 10 or less, I think that’s a good number to digest out of the gate.  We need to acknowledge and support our African/Black scholars, teachers, or educators…., and artist, and organizers, etc.  Keep questioning, researching, and growing.