What do you think of Dr Anderson’s analysis on the solutions of black liberation?

I have to conclude that Dr. Anderson’s solutions are ultimately Integrationist.  He’s seeking a better positions for Black people within the US economy, not the dismantling of the US economy and empire.

I fully agree with his drive for Group Economics, and Black Empowerment, but I don’t want it so that we can be more competitive with Whites and other Ethnic groups under Capitalism and US Imperialism, I seek Black Empowerment so that we can better oppose and dismantle Capitalism and Imperialism.

Black Capitalism will not work, hell White Capitilsim ain’t working.  We need Revolutionary Pan-Africanism and Scientific Socilism. 

I say this will all due respect for Dr. Anderson, I’ve read all of his books and will continue to recommend his teachings, but we do have some points of depature.