White supremacy is as real as Black supremacy. It’s non-existent, a figment of people’s imaginations. A false ideology. I wish good people could just ignore these fools that espouse racist theories. We need to unite the human race and make the best of our time on the planet. Why can’t we all just get along?!


Cuz you muthafuckas got everyone’s shit, the Wealth of Western Europe, America, Canada, Australia, and the client states of the Western Empires are the direct result of centuries of theft, enslavement, and exploitation of the 3rd World. 

So, you White Liberals are about 600 years too late to talk that “get along” bullshit!

Why can’t yall just disarm arm your imperialist governments, why can’t yall just return the stolen wealth, why can’t yall just respect the sovereignty of Native Peoples, why can’t yall just pay all nations and people the Reparations they are do.  Why can’t yall stop being so fucking Omnicidal.

Don’t fucking ask your victims stupid ass questions, go take down your elites, your armies, your racist systems! 

Finally, White Supremacy is fake as fuck, but White Military and Economic Domination is very real, it’s not only killing millions of people it’s destroying the life Sustaining Capacity of the planet Earth. 

So I have no interest in getting along with Liberals who talk the kinda bullshit you talking, you assholes are more detrimental and dangerous then open Racist and White Aggressors.  Take that Kumbaya shit and shove it up yo butt.