White people are the world’s enemy. They have single handedly oppressed almost every other racial group in the world. So Many countries have had to fight against white colonization and oppression. With that being said, why do you think we won’t band together to fight against white supremacy and how come so many races treat Black people like shit, and treat their white oppressors much more respectfully?

The oppressed have banded together to fight White Domination.  In Haiti the Africans, Natives, and even landless White peasants allied.  The VietCong had global support, including form the Black Panther Party (who sent officials to meet with guerrilla leaders).  In the American-Philippine War Black soldiers defected from the US military to join the Filipino in their fight against American Imperialism.  The Palestinians have support from people all over the world and the Black Radical Left in the US has always shown solidarity to the anti-Zionist Movement.  Bob Marley provided armed and support to the Zimbabwe guerrillas, Cuba sent troops, doctors, and arms to aid African nations in their fight against Apartheid South Africa.  Native Americans united with escaped Africans against Colonial and US forces.  The list goes on and on. Hell, during the Rodney King Rebellion of 1992 the Palestinians and many other oppressed populations expressed their solidarity with the upraising.  

Look at the global solidarity the various segments of the Black Lives Matter Movement is getting. 

Whenever documents are leaked from the Imperialist powers they always articulate their fear of ties forming between various separate Racial, ethnic, or national groups against the Western Empires.  It has always been a fear of the White Elites and the Systems of Global White Domination.

Most people don’t know this history of global solidarity between various oppressed population because we get our information from our oppressors, and they don’t teach or promote that aspect of history.  They prefer to focus on “tribal wars,” and historical events that highlight separation and divisions.  #DivideAndConquer 

Another think we overlook is that we have had victories, we’ve won many battles even though we’ve yet to win the war.  One of the reason for this is because we tend to rest on transient victories, reforms, and concessions instead of the total defeat of Global White Domination.  We always stop just before the finish-line.  There are many reasons for this, which I can’t get into cuz I don’t want my response to be too long. 

Another reason we don’t win complete is because when the West lose a battle they focus on winning the peace.  Peace in the West is a time for refinement of their war tactics and build up of their arsenal, but that’s not what peace means to native cultures.  So we are always shocked when we secure wins and back off the oppressors only to have them come back harder and a few years or decades to re-enslave or recolonize us.  

Most native cultures don’t want to engage in the Total and Permanent War State that is needed to defeat GWD.  We don’t really have the collective mentality or collective personality for that kinda shit.

As for as treating Blacks like shit, that’s a whole different post; but know this, the number on export of the US is weapons, but the number two expose is media and culture (aka propaganda).  Western media promotes the Western standard of beauty which defines Black/Dark/Nappy as ugly or undesirable, it also promotes the “Lazy, Promiscuous, Violent, Stupid Criminal” image of Black men and women to the world.  They find an unprincipled Black Minstrel and send them on global tours to sing/rap the most degenerate, anti-human lyrics; and this is the only impression many people around the world have of Black people.  I was just talking to a Revolutionary who lives in Sierra Leone and he told me that African youth know about Young Thug, Jay Z, etc; but they have not idea about the Black organizers and freedom fighters in the US.  Just like we know about the tyrants and warlords in African but little about the freedom fighters and Revolutionaries there.  

Just as our oppressors have made Capitalism the Global Norm, they have made the anti-Africanism and anti-Blackism that Capitalism is rooted in the global norm. The military and economies warfare and exploitation from the West is much easier to see and understand than the Cultural and Psychological Warfare they wage that leads to universal anti-Blackness across the globe.  They can be demonstrated by studying the cultures that have the least amount of Western cultural penetration and contamination have a low/to nonexistent anti-Blackism or Colorism.