On The 1968 King Rebellions…

“We put Dr. King to rest the way a leader of a people should be put to rest, with fires burning throughout our enemy’s strongholds.” – Kwame Ture

Black rebellion put to the torch every major city and population center in the US after King’s Assassination. “A revolt ain’t a Revolution,” but it was a display of both our Revolutionary potential, and the vulnerabilities of our oppressors.

The enemy was forced to make major concessions after the rebellions, but we failed to move from Mass Mobilization to Mass Organization so the Revolutionary Momentum was lost, but the lesson must not be.

The Struggle Continues, and we must create new opportunities for Mass Organization and avoid the mistakes of the distant and recent past.

Rest In Peace Dr. King.

“Although I didn’t agree with his overall message and methods, King was my Brother, and nobody has a right to take my Brother out like that.” – Del Jones