Black people in the US have witnessed the US government…

-Facilitate the slaughter of millions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo,
-Directly Slaughter millions in Iraq and Afghanistan,
-Viciously exploite the earthquake in Haiti to tighten it’s economic grip on the region,
-Attempt a coup, then biochemically assassinate the popular leader of the Venezuelan Socialist Revolution,
-Finance the open extermination of the Palestinian people,
-Turn much of the Middle-East into a nuclear hot-zone through the use of Depleted uranium ammunition,
-Operate a global torture chamber on occupied land in Cuba,
-Turn US soldiers into international war criminals, and then fail to provide treatment for the physical and psychological damages the soldiers incurred,
-And many other atrocities and global crimes.

The Black community always opposed such actions, and stood in solidarity with the victims of US imperial aggression….until Obama.

Under Obama, for the first time in history, the Black citizens of the US have been more supportive of military actions, wars, and invasions than White citizens. Yep, for the very first time in US history.

Blacks in the US were the one demographic that was consistently anti-war, anti-US military aggression in general because we live under Militarized Police Occupation in the US ever day of our lives, we know what it’s like when armed forces not only attack you, but then allow the criminal and anti-social elements of your community to run rampant. Black people in the US know what it’s like to have a puppet leadership class that serves the interest of White Elites instead of the people they lead. We know what it’s like to face multi-generational poverty, food insecurity, and substandard housing and education. Black people in the US even know what it is like to have to live on top of the waste produced by American Hyper-Consumption and Materialism; just look up Enviromental Racism. Black people in the US always had solidarity with the peoples of the so-called Third World because we have the same struggle, the same enemies.

So, in the past whenever Black people were polled about our views on war we’d always say we were against it, from the Vietnam War, to the Korean War, to the United States invasion of Panama, to the Yugoslav Wars, to the First Gulf War, to all the other hundreds of wars and invasions the US government has conducted since the end of WWII, the Black community has been the most consistently anti-War demographic in the nation!….until Obama’s election; then we flipped.

We trusted Obama, he gave us Hope, and promised us Change; but the only thing that changed was that Obama managed to get the Black population to support the Omnicial US Empire.

When Obama resumed the Bush Wars after taking the presidency, we cheered him on. When he did that fake “capture and assassination of Osama,” we danced around our homes, just like White people did when Bush did his fake ass “Mission Accomplished” aircraft carrier landing and speech. When Obama bombed Libya we trusted that he was doing what’s best, even though most of the older folks protested when Reagan bombed Libya just 30 years before, SMH. When Obama wanted to bomb and invade Syria over some trumped up charges of “using weapons of mass destruction against its own people,” Black people were more in favor of the US bombing another nation that White people! That’s never ever fucking happened before in the history of this nation!

He got us to support the US Empire without evening giving us any of the benefits of being in the empire; like increase economic standing, a reduction in poverty, lower unemployment, better schools and healthcare; nope, we’ve fallen deeper into poverty under Obama, and the police are as aggressive towards our community than ever.

So, as we are bombarded by stories of police murders and atrocities, just remember; when you fail to stand against the atrocities that don’t directly affect you, eventually atrocity will find you. “An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” said Martin Luther King, Jr., and he was correct.

We really need to be reminded of this as we mobilize to, yet again, back these homicidal cops up off our communities.

We cannot support Obama and pretend to oppose the Systems of Oppression because they are one and the same, sorry Obamites, but it’s true, just ask Assata Shakur, whom he put on the Terrorist list; yes, Obama put an aging grandmother who’s threaten no one, who’s only crime was fighting for the liberation of her people; Obama put her next to Osama! Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II didn’t even try no bullshit like that!

If we give Obama our support over his next two years, if we as a community fail to oppose him as assertively as we opposed all the other corrupt administrations, then we surrender our moral voice and our standing among the Global Community.

You can’t oppose Police Atrocities without opposing Obama’s policies, or you are a major fuckin hypocrite. The struggle for justice is a global one, you cannot support military oppression overseas and oppose police repression at home.

It’s time to put Police Atrocities in the context of US militarism and imperialism, it’s time to, once again, globalize our struggle. It’s past due time for Pan-Africanism.