Allies vs All Lies.

Strategically, it is long past time we stopped viewing Latinos,
Hispanics, Mexicans, Panamanians, Puerto Ricans, etc., as monolithic

I know the US groups them together as one Race or single nationalities, but that’s not the truth, and we know it.

The racial breakdown of Latin America is the same as North America,
Oppressed Natives, Oppressed Africans, Oppressed Multiracials, and
Oppressive Whites.  Oh, and we can’t forget the self-hating, treasonous
Natives, Africans, and Multiracials who serve the Whites and their agendas more aggressively than White people do.

Spanish is a White, European language brought here by genocidal enslavers and colonizers, just like English.

If you think we should or could have blanket solidarity with all
Latinos or Hispanics then you are a fool who needs to revisit the
history and demographics of Latin America.  

So we need to stop
with the Black&Brown talk until some understandings are articulated.
 Too often White Latinos come here and they are Brown all of a sudden,
they support discrimination and oppression of Natives and Africans in
their country of origin and enjoy the solidarity of foolish Africans
here; I’m getting sick of that.

If they are not down to address
the anti-Africanism in their nations of origins, how can we have any
level of unity with them when they arrive here and face the same
oppression they imposed in their nations?

Wake up Black people.