Orlando & American Lives.

Indoctrination runs so deep that even enlightened Americans embrace and articulate the ideology of American exceptionalism; even the Liberals, Progressives, and even so-called Radicals.

People keep talking about Islamophobia, and Homophobia; as if those are
the core issues in the most recent shooting spree.  People think they
are being so progressive when they talk about not “blaming all Muslims
or Islam,” but Liberal Pavlovian Conditioning is just as bad as Right Wing Jingoism and Racist responses like the call to “ban all Muslims.”

Notice how no one is talking about Ending US Imperlism, or tying this
shooting spree to the millions of lives lost in the Middle East because
of illegal US Military Aggression that has been going on since George
Bush Sr. was in office. US Aggression in the Middle East can be traced
back to the Cold War Era!  

Right now the US has provoked and is engaged in 7 wars around the
globe, dozens of armed conflicts, and is funding many many more Kill
Teams, Insurgents, and Right-Wing Guerilla Movements across the Globe;
and not even the Liberals seem to care because it doesn’t disrupt their
day-to-day lives. Most Americans can’t even name the 7 nations the US
military is waging war in; or located any of the more than 200
imperialist military bases located around the globe.  

Not only
is the US the world’s only Global Military Empire, the US is the #1
producer and distributor of weapons; from small handguns, to assault
rifles, to helicopter gunships, to outlawed chemical weapons and nuclear
weapons. So the deaths that the US war machine is not causing directly,
they indirectly facilitate by arming mass murdering nations and
organizations across the globe, from the Congolese Warlords to Honduran
Drug Gangs.

I feel all of these deaths, every day.  They way we
all fell about the Orlando shooting, that’s how I feel about every
victim of Imperialist Oppression; so forgive my no-so-sunny disposition.

If you think “American Lives” are more valuable than Somali,
Haitian, Afghani, Pakistani, Palestinian Lives; then you are as big a
part of the problem as the Right Wing Racist.  

I you are not
calling for the End to US Imperlism, then you don’t truly seek to end
the atrocities and mass shootings, you just want to export the death,
keep it overseas, and prevent it from blowing back on the US.  

If the US was not a Global Empire the nation would not be saturated in
guns, because there wouldn’t be the investment in guns and other
weapons, and a total divestment from education, health care, mental
health, and the degeneration in a society that comes to all Empires; and
that’s the only way to reduce eventually end these kinda shooting
sprees; and the Pavlovian responses they provoke.  

Isn’t it
ironic that one of the first “victories” of the Gay Right Movement was
allowing Gays to openly serve in the US armed forced, and just a few
weeks ago the Army got its first openly Gay Major General, and the Gay
community celebrated this “progress?”  I didn’t see the Gay Community or
the GRM protest this as an distortion of the real goals of the GRM. No
LGBTQ leaders stood up to denounce the LGBTQ community being recruited
to fight and kill poor people in the Third World for the profits of
empire.  Now, just as Malcolm said, Chickens have yet again come home to

The GRM fell into the same Integrationist Trap that the
Civil Rights Movement; thinking that joining the Power structure was the
path to justice and security, and you see that the Black Community is
still not secure even thought we enjoy full rights, equality, and
opportunity (on the books).

I feel those deaths in Orlando, as
strongly as I feel the deaths in Gaza, and the daily deaths in my
community on the Southside of Chicago, and all senseless deaths across
the globe.  I know there’s no such thing as “American Lives” they are
just lives, neither bullets or nuclear fallout or any of the other
horrible weapons and substances that are killing people on a mass scale
impact us differently because of our nationality.  

If  you see
someone going on about the Orlando Atrocity, and they don’t tie it to US
Imperlism, then know that they are only trying to export the death, not
end it.  

This solution to these atrocities is not banning
Muslims, or banning assault rifles, or any other Reactionary response,
the only solution is dismantling the US Empire and the Systems and
Institutions of Imperialist Domination and Global Capitalism.  

I repeat, and I hope you remember:
Everything an Empire dose abroad is always revisited upon the citizens of the Empire, every act, every atrocity, always.

I wanted to wait a while before posting this message because I know
people are still in mourning, I didn’t really want to speak on it at
all, cuz I’ve said this all many times before.

But we need a
Systemic analysis and solution to these ongoing atrocities or we will
lose more of our family members and loved ones to gun violence.