Abortions, Black Women, & Genocide.


Black Puritans love going on about abortion, and I know it’s just another opportunity to blame Black women, especially poor, under serviced, and under resourced Black women for the “genocide of the Black Race.”

First off Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in fucking 1973!  Check your Black population stats between the Emancipation Proclamation up til 1973!  You’ll see that the Black population was held artificially “stable” in the US long before Abortion was legal, and accessible for Black women in the US!

By “stable” I mean the US government has put limits on the percentage of Black people in the US economy and electorate since the end of the American Civil War​.  That’s because we have been defined as a National Security Threat​ since we secured our “freedom.”  When the Black population rises too high, the government defines that as “insatiability.”

The US government has employed forced sterilizations (Eugenics​), immigration policy (allowing Whites and banning Blacks from immigrating), mass incarceration, direct murder, substandard healthcare/food/education, census manipulation, Redlining​, Drug Wars, etc; to limit the Black population in the US. Most of their policies to limit the Black population had the support of prominent Black men, like Booker T. Washington​ and his Tuskegee Institute​; but you Black men don’t like to talk about that!  It’s easier to target Black women, poor and isolated Black women and girls.  Only States have the capacity to conceive and carry out genocide, study genocide before you start accusing populations or individuals of committing that crime!

Black women, even those who get abortions are not responsible for Black genocide!  Stop fucking putting shit on Black women!  Stop fucking attacking Black women!  Start fucking targeting the real enemies and polices that do daily damage to our people across the globe; cowardly ass muthafuckas!

OH, and guess what, if you are against abortion and would like to see the Black population in the US increase, try working to construct supportive and well resourced communities that provide for the needs of all regardless of their marital status, income, education level, or criminal record.  You’ll see more marriages, stable families, and fewer abortions….cuz women will be educated and supported enough to practice less invasive forms of birth control.  But it’s easier to demonize Black women than construct real communities and fight our true enemies.  

I worked in communities where women and girls didn’t have access to medical abortions, and guess the fuck what; women and girls still got abortions.  

So shut the fuck up about abortions until you’ve been in the ER at 3am and they wheel in a 14 year old girl, bleeding profusely because she was told by her friend that she could abort a baby by repeatedly riding the roller-coaster at Coney Island Amusement Park.  Or in the ER when a woman is brought in unconscious because her boyfriend convinced her to drink bottle after bottle of hard liquor to abort the fetus after they found out she was pregnant.  Who’s heard of a girl funneling bleach into her vagina to abort a pregnancy, I’ve seen the aftermath of that!  Just hang out in an ER in a poor Black community for a week or so, and you’ll see what the fuck I’m talking about.

This is going on while abortion is legal, just imagine what shit would be like if they recriminalized abortions!  But most of you who think women are little more than breeding stock don’t give a fuck, about women or the babies, yall just want the power and authority over women and reproduction.  

Abortion doesn’t happen because abortion is legal, it happens because women want, or often need to terminate their pregnancies for many different reasons, and they have been doing so since we evolved, and will continue to do so, legally or illegally, whether we support or shame them; so stop shaming and the blaming.

Support the children, support the mothers, support the families, and support women who are not ready or interested in being mothers too.  We could stop all abortions tied to economic hardship overnight, if we really gave a fuck, if we better appropriated the community’s funds; but building mega-churches and buying luxury cars and private jets is more important to the Black Puritans.  

We could reduce abortions tied to sexual exploitation of women and girls too, but that means we gotta target the men who abuses and exploit, and the anti-abortion crowd only want to target the women, after the attacks.  We could reduce abortions by offering more education, support, and opportunity to poor Black boys and girls; not just feeding them into the White economy, but our own economy and value system; but that take much more work than simply blaming the vulnerable.

Get all that Sexist, Evangelical bullshit out of our community and our movements, and let’s be real about what Genocide is, and who’s responsible.

If you are against abortion, and you have some scientific and cultural arguments, by all means present your case, but stop scapegoating and attacking poor Black women.  Come with the fucking facts, not fear tactics.

The ultimate truth is that the best way to reduce abortions in the Black community is by increasing the level of support we provide to all mothers, fathers, and pregnant women, not by hounding women who desire to have an abortion.  Where are the institutions and the resources for struggling mothers and families, how much money have these Black Puritans opposing abortion put into supporting mothers and children who are here in the world right now?

#BlackWomenAreNotResponsibleForBlackGenocide!  It’s a fucking shame I gotta fucking ever make such an announcement.