I Was Asked by a Man of God Where My Morality Came From…

My morality, and what is right is defined by my culture, history, and the purposed I have defined for my life. I understand that to live a life in service to Liberation is the best use of my time here. I do the things I do, not out of fear of any God, Hell fire, or because of the promise of paradise after I die. I do it because I understand that it is the best way to reach my full human potential.

Ultimately, the most fundamental purpose of life, that which binds all lifeforms, is the perpetuation of life. This system that has imposed itself on the world is Omnicidal; it is killing everything, it is the responsibility of all intelligent individuals to oppose and dismantle this system.

My culture is Pan-Africanism.
My history is that of Revolutionary Resistance to oppression, and the drive towards Pan-African Liberation and Unification.
The Purpose of my Life is the Total and Permanent Liberation of My People and the Planet.
This is what defines my actions, my relationships, and what is right and wrong.