Black Canaries & White Suffering…

Like I always say; Black folks America’s “Canary in the Coal Mine.”
All the shit they do to us comes back on them, it comes back on them

This isn’t because of some God punishing them for bad
deeds, or some Karmaic bullshit; it’s simply the nature of policy and
politics in the Western Context, it’s European Culture actually. They
are not self regulating, self limiting, they are cancerous in nature, or
viral. So they spread, when they max our an organism (the Black
community), they attempt jump to a new organism (the White masses).

I came up on the front lines of the (CIA orchestrated) Crack Epidemic,
in the middle of that shit, throughout my childhood. I remember the
Reagan, Bush I, and Clinton bringing down the hammer on our communities,
and demonizing us in the corporate media, locking our people up
wholesale, arming the police with military grade weapons and fucking
ATVs and Tanks to subdue our poor, under serviced communities.

remember the media constructing, promoting, selling, then condemning
Gangsta Rap which literally offered detailed instruction on how to
become a drug dealer, user, gang banger; etc. I still all the lyrics
from N.W.A. and the Posse and Straight Outta Compton
embedded in my memory, all of the fucking lyrics. I the same media
companies the pushed the anti-social movies and music on our hoods were
the same companies that fed the White masses horror stories about the
savage, drug crazed “hoodlums” who, at any moment, could come to their
quite suburb and cut their throats and rape their daughters. They paid
these Gangsta Rappers well to “instruct” Black youth, and scare the shit
out of White folks.

White bought a shit load of guns and ammo,
spent all kinds of money on big house build on formerly farm land, and
vote for racist politicians who promised to be “tough on crime,” and
against their own economic interest.

I remember being out with
my mother (who suffers from addiction; a criminalized disease), and how
the White folks would look at us. I remember going to the grocery store
with my Grandmother and the White folks rolling their eyes when she
pulled out the food stamps.

I remember White having not
empathy, sympathy, or mercy on us; and blaming us for the CIA
orchestrated, and corporate media hyped Crack Cocaine Epidemic; even
though they asses smoked more Crack than us.

White still haven’t learned, what happens to non-Whites under White Domination always returns on them, often with a vengeance.

They enslave us, then ended up fighting the bloodiest war between
themselves, they lynch us, then ended up fighting two world wars between
themselves, killing millions of their own; the violence the bring to us
always revisits them. They rob us, then they fall into Great
Depressions, and Recessions. White farmers steal Black land, then their
own government takes millions of acres from them through imminent, and
what’s left over gets devalued thorough market manipulation and land

It never stops and they never fucking learn; the
first victims of White Aggression, Exploitation, and Slavery are White
people; and their Elites will let them join in the atrocities, but their
Elites will never exempt the White masses from atrocities.

But back to my point, Whites ignored the CIA and other agencies from
creating a Crack Epidemic in the Black communities, they supported the
government in this; and now they are having a Meth Epidemic that is
dwarfing the Crack Epidemic.

It’s a unseen epidemic for the most part because it’s happening in the Bible Belt, in Fly-over country, in Appalachia, in the trailer parks, in the Exurbs, in Gated communities,
in Country Clubs. It’s happening in all the soulless places White ran
to in order to escape our presences. It’s happening in all the places
the Elite Whites like to pretend don’t exist in America (poor,
uneducated, violent) White communities. It’s happening in the places
that are too bland to show in movies and TV shows. It’s happening in
places where Whites have enough money to bury to keep their shit under
wraps, where they have enough money to make the cops, the DEA look the
other way.

Now, Poor Whitey is reduces to using scare tactics on
his own children. SMH. LoL. I don’t want to laugh, but damn; White
people Yo. Look how even the druggie criminals are made to look like
victims, to look sympathetic; White folks don’t ever stop their

Where’s the Zero Tolerance, Get Though, Lock Em All Up
rhetoric for Meth, like they had for Black…, I mean for Crack? Oh,
and yes, the CIA is getting paid, the banks, the White Elites are
getting paid off of Meth the same way they did off Crack. The White
masses are fodder in this System, always haven been. That’s why I tell
White Liberals; “don’t bother helping or saving non-Whites, save yall
damn selves.”

Now, I know it’s not February (White History
Month) so I’m sorry for dealing with White folks business outside of the
shortest month of the year (like they try to do with us), but this is

I’m not encouraging Black folks to do anything but observe and understand what’s happening here, in a historical context.