As Chicago Reaches & Passes its 1000th Shooting of 2016:

The violence that plagues Black communities is rooted in the fact that we have groomed generations of youth to fully integrate with a society and into Systems that are fully committed to their rejection and subjugation; instead of grooming them, equipping, training, and inspiring them to offer relentless opposition to the society and Systems that oppress them.

“Our children no longer blame the White man for his oppression, they blame us,” they blame themselves, and therefore they attack us and they attack themselves.

If you are telling Black youth to stop the violence instead of telling them to attack Capitalism,

If you are telling them to strive for inclusion instead of telling them to dismantle the Systems and Institutions of White Domination;

Then you are not promoting peace, you are promoting pacification, you are not reducing violence, you are directing that violence inward and laterally.

Think about that as my community here on the South Side of Chicago reaches and passes its 1000th shooing in 2016.

Also, remember unrestrained violence is the same tactic they used to drive Black people off of valuable agricultural land in the South 100 years ago, that’s how most of us ended up here in the devalued Big Cities that Whites had recently abandoned during the age of Industrial Capitalism.

Now as Inner City Properties become more, more, and more valuable during the era of Finance and Tech Capitalism they are using unrestrained violence to drive us to the devalued Suburbs they Whites have recently abandoned.

The CIA, NSA, FBI, and local agencies could shut these gangs down as swiftly as they shut down the Black Panthers, the Black Liberation Army, and every other Black organization that came together to better our people, but they will not; they arm them and supply them with drugs. We can’t stop the youth, so we must politicize and radicalize them and their (justified) rage.

Or we can continued to be herded like cattle across these lands, while allowing our youth to be caged and slaughtered like cattle.

I know I’ve said this all before, and I apologize, but I felt the need to say it again, and I will most likely be saying it again soon.