My response when someone tells me: “Christianity/Islam/Judaism started in African:”

Agriculture started in African, but it has no connection to the GMO based, chemically laced Agribusiness of today.

Economics and trade started in Africa, but it has no connection to Omnicidal Capitalism that dominates the world today.

Philosophy started in African, but it has not connection to the racist philosophies and ideologies that dominate the world today.

Monotheism and Religion started in African….you get my point.

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are so perverted, so corrupted, and so mutated from their “African Roots,” that they can’t be justified by being tied back to Africa, they no longer serve or resemble their original intent, and they have no value for African people today.

If parents give birth to a child who violates all of their teachings and traditions, a child who returns home to degrade and attack the parent, those parents would be wise to disown that child at the very least.