I see a lot of people have been posting Tim Wise videos lately. What’s your thoughts on him? Is he a ‘truthful white person” who can be trusted or just pretending to be down with the cause and exploiting our pain for his gain?

Tim Wise talks to White people about White people business, far as I know.  I’ve yet to hear any lies he’s put forth as far as the issues he addresses.  I think he’s for the cause of White preservation, which is what he said he’s down for, and he’s one of the few who understand that White survival depends on their abandonment of their Domination of the majority of the planet’s inhabitants and our resources. 

Tim ain’t saying anything new, and he’s not the only White person who is articulating this message to the world’s White minority; he’s just better know.  I don’t think he has anything to teach the Black community about Racism, and he has said as much, he stated that he only listens to Black people on the issues of Race and Racism.

The fact that many Black people then turn around and listen to him tell us what our own scholars and ancestors been telling us ain’t really his personal fault, but the impulse to elevate the voice of White males over all others is another symptom of Global White Domination; so I’m not surprised when Black folks jump with amazement and enthusiasm when they hear a White dude talking common shit that they should already know. 

If Whites are to survive and join humanity they will have to commit Racial, Cultural, Economic, and Institutional Suicide; and that’s what Tim Wise and others of his ilk come close to advocating for.

Or, like a White dude told me years ago in Brooklyn; “a White Race Traitor is an ally of Humanity.”