I’m a young mixed race brother who is sick of seeing my people being oppressed, hunted down and killed like animals, and seeing White people just smugly telling Blacks to pull up their pants and get a job. I’m considering moving to Africa. Do you have any advice or words of wisdom? I ask you because you’re older and have experience

I respect Black people moving to Africa for a better vantage point in which to engage in the Liberation Struggle; I’m not keen on Black people moving to African to escape Racism, and to use their status and resources gained in the West to enjoy the riches of Africa, these people are no better than White colonist and tourist to me. 

I was just speaking to a professional Black woman who’s lived in the Caribbean, Africa, and parts of Asia; and she admitted that she didn’t connect with the struggles on the ground, that she was taking advantage of the depressed currency, cheap prices, and desperation of the African workers like her White colleagues.  When she brought this up to the other Black Americans, they thought she was being absurd.  Too many Blacks from the West are traveling the world behaving like White folks.  (Malcolm X even observed this when he traveled to Africa during the 1960s)

So, if you need a reprieve, by all means take one.  If you think an African nation would be a better environment for which to organize for Black Liberation, if are ready to submit to the authority and instruction of  organizers and agendas in the African Liberation Struggle in your chosen nation, then by all means go; I’m sure your African Brothers and Sisters are more than willing to have you.

But if you are looking for an oasis of Black Love, to avoid the demands of Struggle, to escape White Aggression, to move away from your responsibilities to our ancestors and our descendants; then I think your move to Africa will be disappointing to you, even if you move to one of the many beautiful and stable regions. 

When Garvey founded the Back to Africa Movement he was prepping to return to Africa to work, to build, to strengthen African nations to confront White Power; not to escape the struggles and Racism of the West.  If that’s not the motivation for Africans of the Diaspora are moving home today, then they are little better than the parasitic Whites, Arabs, and Asian who travel to Africa to enjoy it’s ecological and cultural wealth.