Why does the US needs to invade other countries in order to get their oil like the Middle East for example ? The US has one of the largest domestic oil in the bakken area worth to 500 billion barrels and also a couple of years ago they discover a even much bigger untapped oil reserve beneath the surface of Rocky Mountains worth more than 2 Trillion Barrels ! Wouldn’t this make the US independent for a very long time and at the same time the biggest oil producer in the world ?

The US is an Empire, no Empire was ever been established to meet the needs of it’s citizens or subjects.  The so-called Middle East was not invaded to provide the US with oil; or American consumers with cheaper gas.  That was never the issue.

The PNAC (Project for a New American Century), which the Iraq invasion was just one component of, is all about maintaining the Uni-Polor world where one Super Power ruling the world, the Western Capitalist Elites no longer had a rival after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the anti-colonial movements in Africa, Asia, and Latin America were subverted; and the they intend to keep it this way.

The US needs to control the world’s remaining oil reveres, the distribution of oil, and the global pricing of oil to prevent the emergence of a rival Super Power. China’s growth is dependent on massive consumption (and pollution production), Western Europe has to march to the US and Western Elite’s tune if they are to keep up their energy consumption levels, the BRIC nations are scrambling to develop alternative sources of energy and break the West’s hold on the Middle East’s reserves. It’s all a fucking mess, a convoluted, geopolitical mess.

All the while the world’s ecosystems and life sustaining capacity are being destroyed, and the masses live in poverty, while these psychopathic, parasitic Global Elites play these fucking games with carbon fuels, which should be left in the fucking ground in the first damn place. 

All that fucking oil and coal needs to remain in the ground.  All nations need to deindustrialize, re-localize all production and consumption, and Capitalism and all of its structures need to be dismantled or this world will be stripped of all complex lifeforms and living systems within the next 50-5-100 years!  Shit is a real as it’s ever been.  This fight is no longer about justice or freedom; it’s about the very existence of humanity and all other creatures.

This System and it’s rulers are Omnicidal; that means they are killing everything, from human populations to the phytoplankton (the very foundation of the global food chain); everything is being killed by Global White Domination and their Capitalist economic system. 

All of the remaining reserves of carbon fuels need to be left in the ground, and we need to be working towards reducing consumption, not figuring out why the Empire are stealing foreign reserves of oil instead of exploiting local reserves.