The white elties are the purest evil on this earth ! Having read all your post what would happen to the white masses once White Supremacy/White Global Domination dies off ? I know we africans shouldn’t care about them at all but I am just being curious !

If Global White Domination was ended (it will have to be ended cuz the only way it will die off is after it kills the rest of the world first), it would be the absolute best thing that could happen to the White masses:

1. They wouldn’t have to worry about dying on foreign soil for the riches of White Elites, or worse coming home with PTSD to harm themselves or their loved ones because of the atrocities they committed on behalf of the White Elites.

2. Their children would have lower rates of congenital disease and childhood cancers that are caused by industrial pollutants, and other toxic contaminates the White Elites emit in the air, soil, and water.

3. They could begin to construct a true White/European/Caucasian culture instead of the current parasitic and oppositional anti-culture that now engulfs White nations and their people.

4. They can engage in true and unhindered intellectual pursuits without having to load up with all of the White lies, propaganda, and indoctrination; which they need to excuse and explain away the many atrocities and imbalances imposed by having a small White minority brutishly dominate the rest of humanity.

5. They can learn how to truly observe or even share in the culture of other Races without moving to appropriate and corrupt those cultures because they’d lack the capacity to do so, and they will no longer be driven to (or allowed to) monetize and commodify everything they come into contact with.

6. They will have the pleasure of living in a bio-diverse world where ecosystems thrive and the world’s plant and animal species don’t face the constant threat of unnatural or premature extinction.  

7. They can have their psycho-pathologies properly diagnosed and humanely treated, instead of having them normalized, justified, and institutionalized within the social systems.

8. They can come to embrace the fullness of life instead of (as a population) consuming the vast majority of the world’s psychotropic drug, both legal and illegal, along with the lion’s share of the alcoholic beverages; they can finally stop doing self-destructive shit to escape the fucked up reality they worked so fucking hard, and killed so fucking many to build.

9. The would no longer have their egos rest in the reduction or destruction of other Races, or having other Races ape their culture and values, they can begin to value themselves independent of the rest of us, and allow the rest of us to have our value independent of them; they will see a world of balance and see that they don’t have to fear it.

10. They will see that the deep seeded and unspoken fear of “White Genetic Annihilation” of the White Race through just and fair interactions with the “Darker Races” is not the hellish ending their Elites have told them it would be, and that it is not true the the “Darker Races,” hate their freedom, seek to rape their women, or to take their lands; that that’s all just psychological projection on their part.  We don’t seek to do unto them as they have done unto us so they don’t need to sustain a nuclear arsenal to murder every human on the planet a thousand times over; they can just chill the fuck out, give us back our shit, and be content with their fair share of the world and it’s resources. 

When I read your question I decided I’d stop at ten, otherwise I’d be tempted to lead a White Liberation Movement; I just don’t have time for that, but White folks need one as badly as the rest of the world.  They should be ripping up this system of White Domination by its roots, but they are so damn indoctrinated that they still think illiterate goat herders in the Middle East, over worked and under paid Asian/migrant workers, and under-resourced Black youth in the Ghetto are their enemies instead of the White Elites they worship and wish to become. 

One more thing; you are wrong to say that we shouldn’t care about White folks.  We should study White people, their ways and motivations obsessively. 

We all should be PhDs in Whiteology. 

Never take your eyes off of them, especially when they show up uninvited to your churches.  We should also watch and be able to predict trends within White communities, governments, and culture.  Only idiots say; “stop focusing on White people, and focus on your own,” only a muthafucka who don’t understand the nature of the struggle would say that dumb shit.  Black people are brilliant enough to study all kinds of shit, even conflicting shit at the same damn time.

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