You’ve stated before that all people would have to do to shut down the world’s corrupt systems is just sit down. Don’t work or participate at all in the system. However, there are already talks about autonomous robots replacing the majority of the world’s workforce. Is this a threat, or is it nonsense hype from the capitalists?

The General Strike has been on of the greatest fears of the capitalist since the founding of the State and division of labor.  The State and the capitalist that own the State employs all methods from coercion to mass indoctrination to prevent this.  The biggest flaw in capitalism is that it is solely dependent on the very people it exploits and impoverishes; this is the contradiction of capitalism.  Marx thought that this very contradiction would be the ultimate downfall of this system.  He was wrong for a few reasons we won’t bother to get into here.

But yes, if workers stopped cooperating with this System, if they just stayed home for a day or two, this shit would be done with, but that means all workers.  The fucking cops and correction officers, the enforcers of the system who ain’t members of the Elite classes wouldn’t even be able to handle a General Strike.  But, like Marx also stated, capitalism is an extremely alienating system, so people are no longer connect in such a way to pull off such a move, at this moment; and the Ruling Classes know this.  Labor Unions struggle to pull off successful, and extremely limited strikes in this era; so a General Strike is just some distant Revolutionary Wet Dream….for now. 

As far as humans being replaced by machines, that’s just some kinda fantasy also.  For every job taken by a robot, it creates more jobs for people, more work and economic inputs.  You have to service robots, you have to police the displaced workers, look them up, or provide social services for them, the Elites will need security to protect themselves from displaced workers, etc.  You’ll also have more drug addiction, so the hustlers got work, the gun sellers and buyers, the ER workers, etc.  Every displaced worker and their suffering creates more work, every robot creates more work.

Robots also increase production capacity and the rate of production.  More cars means faster turnover of cars, more auto loans to process, more word construction and maintenance , more pollution, more healthcare workers, more asthma treatments and shit.  Capitalist solve problems they just create opportunities for profit.  Robots make them money, and then they make money off the displaced workers, and it goes on and on.

Look at the Drones, the provoke more war, war destroys people and it employs people. 

Also, if you look at the 3rd World you will see that most production and manufacturing is still done in the most “primitive” ways, using enslaved workers who are paid poverty and starvation wages.  Don’t believe the hype, capitalism has not brought us some kinda futuristic, sterile, robotic economy, it’s still a slave economy that’s polluting our ecosystems as it enslaves millions.

Right now they have these robotic tellers in a bank in my hood, and folks are talking about how they isn’t gonna be any human tellers in banking soon, I bet if they got rid of all the humans in banking, they’d have to turnaround and hire hundreds more armed guards to protect them robot tellers.  The People are always a major factor, and will always be one until the Omnicide is complete, but the Elites won’t survive that either, but they don’t care as long as they can profit from full human extinction; they are truly some sick muthafuckas, and we need to displace them ASAP. 

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