Jay Z: Mascot for Gentrification & Black Displacement.

I was in Brooklyn NYC less than 24 hours ago, and here’s a thought that is bugging me. This is an issue I’ve read about, but this is the first time I’ve really seen it up close, I haven’t lived in NYC since 2003, so forgive me for being behind on this issue.

Jay Z claims to represent Brooklyn, the streets of Brooklyn, the poor who strive to get by on their wits, who struggle against all odds to succeed.

Today Brooklyn is the national capital of racist gentrification, which is a nice way to say ethnic cleansing, racial displacement, kicking out the ‘Niggas,’ and Jay Z (aka Brooklyn’s Finest) gets in bed with Russian mobsters, and greedy parasitic billionaires to displace even more people, and pimp his connections to one of the biggest, most vibrant Black communities in the USA.

He parades around like a big mover and shaker, when he’s a pathfinder for parasites, he’s a fucking Mascot for gentrification and Black displacement.

At lease Jay Z got a good market rate for his soul, but he sold-out Brooklyn for a song. How many more Chocolate Cities we gon surrender to ‘market pressures,’ and our own internal disorganization?

We better make community cohesion, and deep economic cooperation our highest values or every single (non-millionaire) Black person in this nation will be relegated to the most undesirable regions of the US; which are the obsolete, automobile oriented, culturally vacant suburbs and Ex-burbs. Paying double digit gas prices, living in energy inefficient homes in times of scarce resources, and lacking the basic services that we are overtaxed for. We gotta…listen, this is a Jay Z post, so I’m not gonna get into the coming social changes and our ultimate place in peak-oil America just now.

Just let me quote Nas, before Jay Z paid him off: “Fuck Jay Z!” LoL.