Crime & Policing & Power.

There are communities and racial group in the US who commit
horrendous crimes, crimes that the most vicious thugs in the Black
community can’t even fathom.  From complex financial crimes, to
trafficking in human organs, to the child sex trade.  

There is
violence weapons in all racial groups in the US, the US runs on
violence, the level of wealth a racial group has in this economic system
is directly proportional to the amount of violence that group has
engaged in, and is currently engaged in.  The richer they are, the
greater the “sterilizing distance” they have from their violence, so
Bill Gates is responsible for a great amount of violence, but he sees no
blood, he’s even responsible for the death and pollution of ecosystems,
but he lives in a “clean” environment.

I’m saying this to point out that police brutality and harassment has no connection to the crimes a people commit.

Black people don’t suffer from aggressive and homicidal policing
because we commit crimes, not because we be out here killing each other.
 The police abuse we suffer has not connection to the crimes in our

Police only respond to economic and institutional
power, the more economic and institutional power a racial group has the
less police harassment, abuse, and murder they will endure; no matter
how much crime is committed by their racial group.  That’s it.

This is because police are low-level bureaucrats (who are often cowards
at heart, that’s why they shoot children, old folks, and unarmed
people), and bureaucrats don’t dictate policy, they just execute policy,
so if you don’t have power to dictate and impose policy, then they can
target you with relative safety.  If you don’t target the economy, then
you are not a threat to those who dictate policy either.  

protesting, marching, and demonstrating will not reduce the abuses the
police commit against Black people.  Exposing police abuse on Mandatory Police Body Cams,
or on cellphone cameras, and on social media will not change, or even
reduce the level of police abuses, harassment, and murder.

look at the history, the police used to murder Asians, Irish (until the
become the popo), Italians, and all other vulnerable immigrant, ethnic,
and racial groups until they secured institutional and economic power,
or faded into the White Majority; and we ain’t got that “fade into”

It’s exhausting going to these meetings dealing with
police abuse and murder and not have one activist talk about building or
securing institutional or economic power.  We talking about doing the
same shit Dr. Kind did, even though he failed, his movement failed; even
though Dr. King abandoned his own methods and agendas before the
government assassinated him.  

We, the activist and the
revolutionist need to stop doing what we want, what we are comfortable
with and begin to do what is needed, do what the struggle actually
demands of us, or exit the damn struggle.

Note: We need to
Power, we need to focus our actions on securing and consolidating power,
along with formulating tactics for sanctioning our enemies and
oppressors on an economic level (at this stage of the struggle), and I’m
not talking about boycotts, it’s gotta run deeper, we have to exit
their economies and build our own, not boycott, but exit and cripple
through internal economic sanctions.