Comrade Diallo, there are some in the struggle that lash out against some of the more scientifically minded brothers, especially when it comes to debunking claims that melanin is a god molecule or that black folk were once actually gods and had superpowers. They say we following white people science. To an extent they have a point because terms like celsius, farenheit, and other so called universal science terms are actually rooted in greek, arab, and latin. Thoughts on this?

First off, White science got a bad habit of taking credit for shit, and putting their names on shit they don’t have any business putting their names on.  Shit like mapping the stars, navigating the oceans, erecting massive structure, mathematics, agriculture, language, experimentation, etc; were all well under way across the world before European discovered hygiene and how to cook food.

So yes, the came with their clubs, muskets, and nuclear bombs to force the rest of us to use Fahrenheit and Celsius, and to call the starts and planets by the name of European Old Gods, and they even put their names on our anatomy; like the Golgi apparatus, and our communal economic systems like Marxism. 

We ain’t calling this shit by Western names because they are the originators or the discoverers, it’s because they used to killed folks who refused to accept their lies, titles, and explanations; now they just don’t graduate, or employ those who refuse; and they when you have to steal because you don’t have a job, then they shoot you. 

They also used their Hyper Aggression to burn our universities, and all the evidence they could of our scientific heritage, what they didn’t destroy they took credit for or gave credit to aliens for.

So, use F and C to measure temp; we know the real deal.  Arabs, Greeks, Romans, and the rest of them savage invaders stole and plagiarized their shit.

Now, back to your question; don’t struggle with irrational people, mock them, but don’t debate them.  You’re using reason, they using imagination, and imagination will beat the shit out of reason, it’s immune to evidence, and it’s more attractive than the truth very often. 

So, allow them cats to harness the power of their Melanin and remotely activate the penile glands in order to fuel the Mothership to take them to the home world of our Reptilian Overlords; and blow it up, so that they can free themselves from this dimension.  Just get the hell out of their way man. 

You need to find some Brothers and Sisters rooted in reason, and that have the disciple to carry out structured and viable agendas; that’s what we are doing with the Pan-African Alliance.