The Tragedy of Humanity…

The biggest tragedy of humanity is that we are sacrificing every thing for printed paper and common minerals that have been assigned an arbitrary monetary value.

We value paper & “precious” minerals over breathable air, fertile soil, pure water, and biologically diverse and secure ecosystems!

Humanity has been brutalized so harshly that we’ve had all of our perceptions of wealth and abundance totally perverted.

The majority of humanity is inadequately fed, housed, and educated, but all of the resources we need to take care of people are free, abundant, and renewing. All scarcity is artificial, manufactured, and sustained through violence and manipulation.

We’ve been brutalized into accepting that we must pay and labor to live, we work for those who invent/print money and do no real work.

We literally outnumber the Elite over a 10million to one, yet we haven’t mounted and sustained a successful rebellion against these Human Parasites since the beginning of the European Dark Ages.

We are all peasants in a Feudalistic Global Empire. We work all our lives for a small international elite, then we train our children to server and obey them and their children for generations.

We think that because we have cell phones instead of sickles, that because we are chained by debt and bills instead of actual chains, that because the people who keep us in check have guns and badges instead of horses and whips, that we are freer than the slaves and serfs of the past. Just like the Slaves who served tea in the mansion thought they were freer than those in the cotton fields.

We’ve been ,mis-educated into thinking that Capitalism, and Western Culture brought us into the light of civilization and technological modernization, but Europe has only destroyed civilization and attempted to exterminate the truly civilized. Just about all of the technological innovations from the West create 10 problems for every one that it claims to solve. They are literally selling us the technological cures for the very disease that they create.

I saw this whole scheme by the time I was 8 years old, I started organizing and resisting it by the age of 14, and I’m still fighting as best as I know how. My unofficial motto is: “I’d rather be crazy enough to think I can change the world than defeated enough to accepted as it is.”

Early on I always thought that people didn’t join ‘the cause’ and the radicals because they were ignorant or afraid, but that don’t hold true.

There are gangstas willing to risk their lives for “paper,” but not for unpolluted water and food.

There are educated people who understand the omnicidal nature of Capitalist better than I do, but they accept the comforts of cooperation over the rewards of rebellion.

It goes beyond fear and ignorance, it goes much deeper.

For me and a few other, these Parasites can’t build a TV big enough, a seat comfortable enough, a car fast enough, or a club flashy enough for me to accept their rule. So I’m gonna keep learning, organizing, uniting, and pushing until we win, or until the oceans and land are finally so toxic that they no longer support lifeforms.

The most fundamental level of rebellion is to advocacy and education, it all starts there; that’s what I try to use Social Media for, to advocate for correct and aggressive action.

I can only hope that this advocacy is worthwhile.

A Luta Continua.

(You who have embraced the struggle and are opposing this omnicidal system as best as you know how, are the most valuable people on the planet. If nobody else will tell you that I will, you have an eternal ally in me.)