can u speak more on the angela davis thing? i know about gloria steinem, r. karenga, cleaver etc but there seems to be very little stated cognitive dissonance regarding how angela went from being on trial as an accessory to first degree murder of a pig to princeton professor or whatever ivy league slaver incubation chamber doing talks on the weekends to white liberals while still being mentioned in the same breath as Assata

If it look like a duck, walk like a duck, quack like a duck, and comes out relatively unscathed at the same time COINTELPRO is killing all of your direct associates, falsely imprisoning them, or driving them into exile like a duck; then it’s a fucking duck.

The movement was saturated with infiltrators, provocateurs, informers, and traitors; a few others didn’t enter the movement to betray it, but they were turned for various reasons.

AD was targeted by the most powerful White men, and most insidious agencies in the US government, yet she skated; you do the math, or don’t. 

I recommend that you review Dr. John Henrik Clarke’s assessment of AD, especially his research into what happen to the funds collected for her legal defense.  I’m sorry, I don’t have the lecture on hand where he discussed the matter, when I dig it up in my archives I will post it, until then you can try to find it on YouTube, I’ve seen it posted there.

Also contact LIBRadio, and Brother Kedi Awadu, he has some of the best contemporary research on AD and current and past questionable activities and impacts.