Surrender is Never a Virtue.

Taking such positions as; “that’s just the way the world is,” or “it’s all about dollars, if you ain’t got money, then you can’t do nutthin,” or “you just gotta worry about you and yours, and let the world take care of itself,” is not a sign of maturity, or coming to terms with reality; it is pure surrender. 

People make defeatist statements, and repeat tired cliches when they meet someone who willing to take risk, challenge authority, and struggle to bring justice to this world, as if it validates their passivity.  They have such smug tones and arrogant smirks on their faces when they tell you how they are simply laboring and consuming within the limitations imposed by the elite, like you supposed to be proud of them and ashamed of your idealism, and efforts. 

I’m been dealing with these content slaves since I was in Jr. high school, and their ranks seem to be expanding daily.  The schools, the corporate media, their fellow wage slaves, their pastors, their spouses, and their parents all tell them to live according to the social standards.  They follow the life-cycle of the modern slave: school (indoctrination), work (wage-slavery), breed (more human resources for the elite to exploit), consume (mass produced shit you’ll throw away sooner than later), die (prematurely as a result of your consumption habits), oh…and take some time for entertainment, religion, and sexual stimulation when we allow you to.  I rejected this way of life before I even fully understood the nature of it, and from my first sign of rejection; I’ve been mocked and discouraged by other wage slaves.

The psychologist of the chattel enslavement era argued that the best way to maintain African men and women in bondage was to keep them as close as possible to an infantile state.  Infants seek safety, comfort, and substance; they are governed by their senses and biological desires; what is supposed to separate us from the babies and children is our ability to dwell in the realm of ideas, concepts, and principles; to be able to overcome and even suppress biology when circumstances demand it; to create physical constructs out of ideals, to construct new realities…that is what makes us not only human, but fully developed, and intelligent beings. 

So, you who brag about your submission,  about how safe, comfortable, well sheltered, well fed, well dressed, well employed, and secure you are; while the fucking planet is in critical condition, when the majority of the world’s inhabitants live in abject poverty, when we are losing so many plant and animal species due to pollution and habitat destruction that the scientist can’t keep count, and every ecosystem is in a rapid state of decline, you are nothing more than well kept slaves, or no better than pampered pets in some sick celebs designer hand bags.

No one is respected in history because they lived well, consumed a lot, and worked hard for an oppressive master/boss/plantation/corporation; your are only measured by your resistance to oppression, contributions to humanity, to those that suffer, and to the land.  Kwame Ture stated that; “If you have lived a life of consumption, they you have lived the life of a beast,” service to humanity is they only way to give meaning to your life.

So, don’t bother tell me that my agenda for Pan-African Liberation, global ecosystem restoration, dismantling the omnicidal infrastructure of the global capitalist empire, and humanization of all technology and economies is crazy or unrealistic.  I’ve heard all of your arguments over the years, I’ve endured you projecting your fears and rationalizations on me for even longer; and I’ve yet to me move by any of you.

As I said in the past; “I’d rather be crazy enough to think I can change the world, than degraded enough to accept it as it is.”

Diallo Kenyatta,
Co-Founder & Director of the Bloom Cooperative.