For the case if we are very advanced in Pan African Liberation do you suspect a vast majority of Whites and other non black groups to rebell against Pan African Liberation ?

Well, history has an abundance of insight for us; and it all points to this:  The masses of all Races will go along with the program once the winners have fully secured and consolidated power.

A Pan-African world would experience as much resistance as the Omnicidal Capitalist World, there will be fits and starts, but the masses will go along with the new paradigm.  

They will fight like hell to resist the implementation of the new paradigm, but once it’s established, that’s it.  

The White masses will accept Pan-African Liberation just as the Black masses passively accept and try to integrate with White Domination.  

That’s just the nature of humanity, we are socially oriented and drive beings; as goes the society, so goes the masses, without much resistance.  

Of course, that would not change the fundamental mentality of Whites, nor would it affect their Asili (fundamental culture); but it would prevent then from having the power and resources to act upon their Omnicidal impulse when it comes to Africans and our ecosystems.  

That’s why Pan-African Liberation will not only be secure, we will have to work hard to sustain it as well, even as the rest of humanity has come to terms with it.

That’s because just as we have Black Revolutionaries who oppose White Domination, not matter the odds, there will always be Whites who will give their all to subvert any world order where Whites do not fully dominate all others.  And if these Whites began to make significant progress, they will attract the passive White masses, just like more Blacks are attracted to the Liberation Struggle as it gains exposure and momentum. (Just ask Queen Bey and Cornell West.)

Blacks, for most of human history were Liberated, Whites had to deal with secure and powerful African nations, empires, and states; and they did so without much resistance.  They also greatly benefited from doing so, too bad we can’t say the same about our interactions with them.  

If you want a detailed historical timeline of the fall of African power, and some insights into how Whites dealt with Black Power before it was eroded, check out Chancellor Williams’ text; The Destruction of Black Civilization.  

But even if the rest of the would stood against African Liberation (and it essential does, or their elites do, cuz the entire global economy is based on Africa’s subjugation), that should not be a deterrent.  We have a just cause, and that’s all the inspiration and justification we should need.  The rest of the world, (scared and treasonous New Negros) needs to get behind us, get out of the way, or get rolled over.