Based on your understandings and study of history, why do so many people, especially white men, hate feminism?

White men hate Feminism because they hate and actively attempt to suppress, destroy, or co-opt all threats to their hegemony; in that order.

Women are oppressed, non-White women are the most oppressed because they contend with not only the general oppression imposed on them under Global White Domination, they also have to contend with gender specific oppression, and that’s compounded by the fact that many non-White men both have their own indigenous sexism and oppression that they level against women, they also adopt Western values and practices of sexism against the women of their Race.

So, with such compounding oppression toward women across the globe any ideology or movement that seeks to challenge or revers that greatly threatens the systems of governance and culture we’ve become accustomed to, it threatens individual males of all Races.  

Feminism, or the promises of Feminism (women’s liberation, equality between the sexes), scare the shit out of men.  Men rapidly turn their fear into hatred and hatred into violence.  

Also, Feminism is as much a threat to the male ego as it is to the males hold on power and resources, and there’s nothing more dangerous than threatening a man’s ego due to how men are acculturated under Global White Domination.

So, Feminism is hated, mocked, attacked, dismissed, and even outlawed for these reasons.

Also, all Systems of Oppression gain the support of a number of the oppressed populations.  So we have Blacks (which we often call Uncle Toms or Coons) who support and validate White Domination and Black Oppression.  We also have many women who embrace and support Patriarchy and women’s oppression.  There’s a Black women on my feed promoting women’s submission and male dominance every day.  It’s crazy, and she has a significant following of Black women.   

Now, let’s return to the White man’s response to challenges; he will suppress, destroy, or co-opt challenges to their power.

In my study, the Systems and Institutions of White Domination have fully co-opted and integrated Feminism into the larger system.  That’s why we have women like Hillary Clinton, the CIA asset Gloria Steinem, the mass murder Madeleine Albright, the Fascist Janet Reno, and many other White women who are both feminist and vicious supporters of Western Omnicidal Imperialism and Capitalism.   

There is a small pocket of Radical Feminist who reject integration into the Systems of Oppression, and shun the notion of being equal with men because that would mean a further degradation of women and womanhood.  But these Radical Fems are rejected and mocked even by Feminist.

So, I don’t hate Feminism, or Feminist; I advocate that Black women reject feminism and it’s agenda because it will not bring them liberation it will at best allow them greater participation in the System of Oppression, which moves us even further from our liberation.  

I accept that women, even White women need their own movements, analysis, and agendas to target Sexism, but Feminism is by, for, and of White women.  If Feminism is to be corrected it will be up to White women to do so.  They need Feminism, because without it I have not doubt that their culture and their men would return to burning them alive at the stake.  But what that got to do with Black women?

Black women were struggling for liberation for more than a century before Feminism was conceived and the Feminist movement was organized, so on its fact, it looked absurd to me that Black women would have to join Feminism, instead of White women joining Black women in their already existing struggles for freedom and their humanity.  Also, White women were loyal allies with White men in their enslavement, colonization, and suppression of Black men, women, and children.  Just look at the history, many of the Black women who participated in the Freedom Rides stated that White women would come out with their children and goad White men into even greater acts of violence against Black women; they’d yell “kill that Nigger bitch,” with their infant children on their hips. There are hundreds of lynching photos of White women posing in front of mutilated corpses of Black men, women, and children.  After White women got the right to vote in 1920, the ended the Women’s Suffrage even though Black women along with Black men were still denied the vote up until 1968; also, not as the right to vote is being suppressed for Black women there’s no Feminist uprising.  Not to mention that White women voted and supported the same racist governance and policies as their husbands, brothers, and sons did after the gained the right to vote.  Today, Black women suffer from compounding gender and racial oppression while having to constantly fight with White Feminist for acknowledgement, support, and even recognition of their womanhood and humanity.  Why?

Why the fuck to Black women even need Feminism when they have their own legacy of Freedom Fighting, Opposition to internal and external oppression and Sexism?

Black Feminist tell me that their feminism is different than “White Feminism,” but I don’t see evidence of that, sorry, I’ve been looking, and I don’t. I hear different rhetoric, but the outcomes and overall mission is the same so #AllFeminismIsWhiteFeminism 

I don’t to tell Black Feminist that they cannot be Feminist, but I articulate my assessment of Feminism and I discourage those who ask to abandon or shun Feminism and join or organize for Women’s Liberation within a movement that has not been controlled by Whites or co-opted by the dominate system.  

I am an Africana Womanist myself.  

So, in conclusion; to hate or reject Feminism is not the same as hating or rejecting women or the validity of Women’s Liberation; but most who hate Feminism do hate women and are sexist; that’s why it’s hard for men and women who reject Feminism but support Women’s Liberation to be heard, we are lumped in with the Sexist.